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Agreed.  The V200 is the second-best amp in the world for the HD800.  Unfortunately no one agrees on the best in the world - but it's a lot more expensive than the Violectric.
I have two Pinnacles, bought new, and neither came with a manual.
Not so much a well-kept secret, but an inconvenient truth.  Forums about "the" LCD-3 or "the" HD800 or "the" anything else are essentially wasted breath, because of variation between samples - which is real, and often significant, and sometimes dramatic.   I used to work for large production and broadcast companies which bought gear of every kind in large volumes - dozens or even hundreds of units at a time.  Such companies needed uniformity, and employed engineers...
That's a little patronizing.  Seems to me Naim FC's conclusions are right on the money.  That's the value of audio forums - we don't each have to reinvent the wheel all the time.  And I speak as one with first-hand experience of tubes amps since before you were born, probably.
My original comment about Saran Wrap was not about a veil or excessive treble shelving.  IMO those are not LCD-3 problems.  Saran Wrap is highly transparent, after all.   The comment was about dynamic nuance.  I felt - in terms of punctuation and expression and microdynamics - the music felt trapped and held down under a tight layer of plastic.  I could "see" the music squashing up against the layer, kind of desperate to get free.
There really isn't a difference - except in the case of the V200, which is deliberately different than the other products on both sides of the house.  I think all their stuff is good, but if you like the V200 you won't necessarily like their other stuff, and vice versa.  
I have the V200 (actually, two* of them) among many, many fine amps, and I keep it as a kind of bench player.  It's fourth in line after three great tube amps (the cheapest of which is four times the V200's price.)  It gives me about 95% of the best in a reliable, relatively inexpensive package.  I think it's terrific and it's an easy recommendation.  In fact it's a real-world no brainer.   *My daughter borrowed my first one and won't give it back.  So I bought another -...
No, they're a very dark brown.  Great leather, great foam.
Red Book constraints are very tight, except for the reconstruction filter.  This means that if all else is done right (a big assumption, but plenty of manufacturers are there now, after 28 years) you are basically listening to the filter - it's the only variable, if all else is well engineered.  I have found the recent "apodising" filters to be truly excellent - from Meridian, Ayre, and dcs.  Get a home trial and check them out.
I heard the same thing with the original version, and was very sensitive to it, and posted about it at the time (and got flamed by the fanboys) - but the LCD-3 doesn't suffer from the same problem at all.   I think the LCD-3 has other problems, though, and it will never be my go-to phone.  It's too restrained somehow.  Sounds like the band or the orchestra is wrapped in Saran wrap and can't break free.  
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