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I own HD555 Sennheiser headphones connected to the Fubar III Dac and have been quite impressed.  The sound is dynamic with plenty of Bass and can be very loud. I can also hear breathing  in vocals that I have never heard before.  The Burr Brown DAC is impressive but they do lack oversampling. The Fubar III is also a headphone amp that connects via USB and performs well over Windows 7. It is possible to upgrade the opamps, but I am not to sure how difficult that is.I...
How is the sound with the HD 650 and Fubar III. Currently I am using HD555 with a Fubar III and want to upgrade.
I own a grey one and it sounds great with my HD555.  The DAC lacks oversampling but it sounds clear.  It is best used with my HD555 on full gain and you can hear breaths of vocals and lots going on in the background.  
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