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FInally got my HD650 and yeah the Fubar sounds gr8 through it.  I really liked the sound on the first day but have discovered the famous sennheiser veil, and I have noticed the foam is really thick compared to my HD555. I discovered the veil cos my parents have a cheap triple jack headphone amp and when I use the HD555 there is a lot of hiss.  When I connected my HD650 there was no hiss so actually sounds better in someways, but if there is a lack of hearing hiss it...
hd 535 arent that stylish
I used to own a pair (or they maybe stored somewhere and currently own a pair of HD555 (soon I will be getting HD650 this Friday :-)).  They are very familiar in sound (HD535) but the HD555 has a much better cable.  The problem with the HD535 is the cable kept shorting on one side. You can buy another cable but then the issue happens again.     They are definitely OPEN headphones.   The only thing that might wear are the drivers, but generally they sounded fine,...
Looking forward in getting my HD650.  I would expect the HD800 be a better phone and it's out of my price range.  I am upgrading from an HD535> HD555 and have been quite impressed over the years with Sennheiser's imaging and comfy feel.  I want to lie in bed at night and enjoy the music experience.  I hope the HD650 will give me that boost from the HD555. Which when coupled with a decent headphone amp, is very enjoyable to watch movies from my laptop and listen to music....
Headphone amps make a huge difference.
xonar dx only has tiny headphone connectors, also the noise from the motherboard would hurt my ears.
I cant stand the airport express dac, compared with the fubar III it's so much crappier..
Would a Fubar III AMP/Dac be loud enough for HD650 as I am planning on upgrading my hd555 to hd650's.
Hi,   I am new to being an audiophile head-fi!!!!  I own Sennheiser  HD555 with a Firestone Fubar III to watch movies and listen to lossless music in itunes (400GB worth).  I have now got an airport extreme that has a digital output and am wondering what sort of headphone/dac combo I should get.   I want to get a pair of HD650 for the AX in the bedroom and am wondering what the best amp/dac combo there is cos (for the HD650 as I am a senny fan), I want to save...
What about the new FIrestone Libby, would that be more acceptable, I am disappointed with the DAC in the Fubar III
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