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Just got the IM02's today.  So far I'm very impressed with them.   I mainly got them because, while I love my CK10's, I'm getting a little tired of needing an amp to get their full potential out of my iPhone.  Even something as basic as a FiiO E6 can be annoying to deal with at times.     The IM02's definitely share the clarity of the CK10's, but they're not quite as sibilant as the CK10's can be unamped.  I eventually got used to and appreciated the clear highs of the...
Has anyone been able to measure the output impedance on the iPhone 6 yet?
 It may only be an issue with the E17, but a charging option may or may not fix your problem.  The E17 won't work without the hub no matter if I have usb charging set to on or off.
 This one from Amazon, works great so far, though listening through the CCK does seem to drain my battery rather quickly and I'm not sure why.  I'll have to experiment more.
Do NOT follow his advice, it is incorrect for batteries in lithium ion devices. The E6 has a lithium battery and as such has no "battery memory." Repeated full discharges of this type of battery will actually damage it and reduce it's lifespan.What Shawn is suggesting here applies to older nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride batteries, they had this charge memory effect. Lithium ion does not and repeatedly discharging the battery completely will wear it out.
Here is my iPhone 5 running through my FiiO E17 amping my CK10s. I'm using the smallest passive USB hub I could find but so far no "too much power" errors. So much better than the line out + dock adapter I was using before.
Sorry to bump an old thread but I just want to add info for any Audio Technica ATH-CK10 owners like me who want the isolation of foam tips.   Despite what Comply Foam says, the T-200's fit my CK10's perfectly.  The barrel size of them is perfect for the CK10 and doesn't fall off.  The T-400's that I have for my other IEMs is too big and falls off easily.  The T-100 won't fit for sure because tips I have for IEMs of that size don't fit at all.  The T-200 is the perfect...
Sorry I'm venting a bit because I'm frustrated.  About 11 months ago I purchased an E9 amp through eMusic Enterprise (feiao says they're a re-seller).  The dock port on the first one I received was dead on arrival.  I figured it was just a fluke, so I returned it through Amazon and got another one. The second worked great up until two weeks ago.   The dock port on my current E9 is just broken.  It charges my E17 but the computer no longer detects the E17 as an audio...
Hi Feiao,   I sent you a PM.  My E17 won't charge anymore and I can't figure out why.  It won't charge with the USB cable and it won't charge while docked in my E9.  Battery is almost dead.  Any suggestion?
Except there would be some significant lag in menus and such, at least if it had an elaborate color LCD display like we've all come to expect.
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