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On my above post, does everyone understand what I am proposing?   If not, I am sure iBasso will not. ;)
here is what I wrote back. I hope i was a bit more clear this time around   iBasso,   Thank you for the information.   I understand the I2s fade in issue on DAC re-activation.   when you manually forward or select a track. Your logic in the player automatically includes the fade-in. The fix for that is that it should ONLY fade in if the track is in a DIFFERENT album. If the track selected is part of the same album (like using the orange scrub bar) there...
iBasso Replied...   Hello, Figgie, Thank you very much for your concern and information. It is my pleasure to get your assistance.   We have decided to add an option to choose ordering on the "now playing list".  We will consider your suggestion and information when we are developing this function.   Most of the fade in issue was heard when manually select tracks. I would like to quoted some information that I used to reply other people's email that has the...
Nothing to do with Freq of the CPU. There sleep function/method was not working. They only coded for hard sleep (and not right) and not autosleep like a PC does after x minutes of inactivity.   1.2.7 addressed that.
Sent iBasso an email with how they can fix the fade in....   Hi iBasso,   I am the person that has been debugging your music player trying to help the purchaser within the head-fi.org community with these issues.   The fade in issue. The solution is easy and should only be present once (better than every single time the user selects a new track within the same album) which addresses two issues for you in one shot..   When the player sorts regardless...
Grrr   that would explain why the changing of the gapless setting i did, didn't do squat!!   I understand there view on the fade in but here is the answer...   No ALBUM in existance ever changes bitrate mid way between tracks.   So they need to order the playback by two sort orders   1. By Artist, Album name and tracks 2. By Ablum Name and Track number 3 By Song name   In instance 1  and 2, ONLY when changing album will they need to mute the...
the JH3a is a DAC.   That is how you connect the JH3a to a PC/MAC via USB and get audio out of it! That is what the Cirrus DSP can do among decoding (when the license is installed) for Dolby Digital, DTS and many 3rd party decoders.   i am having a hard time understand the price delta of the PP6 v JH3a if they are based on the Cirrus DSP.
    oh boy   read that as... We still need to fix some minor errors we introduced when we fixed other items. I hope they regress test the firmware.nKeep your ears peeled regardless though. If the sound changes BUT the other items ahve ben addressed. It is easy to pull the music player from the new firmware and use it in any other firmware to include 1.1.7.
hmm lots of can't wait but yet no updates? SOMEONE on here must have heard them????
the original lady gaga beats which are triangular or the revised versions?
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