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Ok,   that is ok. Personally they need to take nonesense out of the DAP that does not belong there.   With that said, I think that will be as good as it gets on Androind 2.3.1 :(   I might take a stab at a android build for the DX100. I have to have a dedicated Ubuntu PC for that though. I might have access to something like that at work.
Has the play time increased or you still looking at 10 hours?
shallow insertion?   not for anything but JH audio, UE, UM etc needs an impression up to the 2nd bend. DOing it shallow will get the impressions not done.
so let me understand this. Spend whatever amount of money and hope to god that it works and not lose your hearing? Are you guys that cheap??   I paid a WHOPPING $50 to an Audiologist to get my molds done! $50! that is 10 fufu coffee drinks!!   My ears are odd in that the canal buldges in the middle or put another way, the ear opening is SMALLER than the inner ear canal.... needless to say it took some effort on the part of the audiologist to take the molds out....
I think JH redid the sound curve of the JH-3a because here are my findings.   With the JH-3a turned on, Getting fed via USB from a computer. THe bass is about -3db less when the bass switch is turned off. WHen the bass switch is tuned on, the bass is bossted the said -3db. Coincidentally the JH16 sounds the same when using the passive crossover to feed it from say a phone or music player to when the JH-16 is being fed by the JH-3a with the Bass Management switch...
update:   received a reply back from Ibasso   Hi, Thank you for your suggestion. We will start working on the new firmware on next Monday. We will take your suggestion into consideration. As you know, this change would only eliminate the fade in that happen on manually select the same sample rate tracks.   which is what you guys are asking for. No fade in on any track that is the same sample rate and bit depth. :)   Progress. Lets cross fingers... :)
  I agree with you on track record.. I just think they did not think about it. Lots of companies don't because they just see the end goal. A good DAP. :) They are responsive so that means they hopefully understand what we are conveying. Why stop at good when it can be GREAT.   I am thinking that they do the indexing at first, not on read otherwise you won't have the long load up time. If i recall there was a debug file. I will have to look to see if they actually build a...
Lee   The gapless setting, what does it do?   Do you think it would benifit longer or shorter? Seems like it is a buffer for when the music plays continous but I can not be sure of that.   Currently it is set at 5 seconds and 10 seconds.   10 seconds to much?
    that is fine...   do you have the albums mixed that one song is 16/44 and then next one is 24/192? :)   If they set there array correctly, They should have two albums of the same name.   For instace   Eagles - Hell Freezes Over (16/44) Eagles - Hell Freezes Over (24/96)   More than likely there is a clear delination in which the 16/44 album is ALL 16/44 and 24/192 is ALL 24/192. THAT is why I chose the Album name as the grouping for the DAC reactivation which also...
I do not speak either Cantonese or Mandarin.   with that said, as long as I do not get to crazy technical, they should understand the idea which if they do. You guys are one less issue away from DAP greatness. ;)
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