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Patience young grasshopper :)   iBasso is working on it. Since 1.2.7 is fairly stable and sounds great, I ASKED them to take there time on the new update and test it, test it again, and re-test it again. Basically not to release it until everything I mentioned has been fixed CORRECTLY the first time. So give them time. I understand the anticipation but i estimate about 200 man hours to get this right. that is about 4 weeks of dedicated coding. That does not include QA...
DanBa   quick correction   iBasso replaces it with their own "Sound driver" that talks to the ESS DSP.
This tool has been posted before...   this is what most people did prior to 1.2.3 and reverted back to 1.1.7.
the car analogy is ridiculous   why?   Simple!   the car buying public knows about the NEW year model car about 6 months AHEAD of actual release. Even 1 year sometmes.   what I do not get is, the JH3a system already aligns the sound for correct timing and phase. With freqphase, does that mean it is less. Less or more it still is the correct phase/timing under a JH3a... so does it infact improve upon a damn good sound already?   My math says no.
Guys.. put me on the list. Yees I am serious...   but really! I would preffer that you guys donate this money to some charity. No joke.   minor update:  Sent iBasso an email asking for a status update. I asked them to test the update prior to release and if they have not fixed what we asked.. not to release the software as the sound is "perfect" right now.
DanBa   correct   the AudioFlinger can be bypassed in its entirety. That is what the DX100 does to have direct access into the ESS as to stream upto the 24/192 that they.   WIth that said, that require custom firmware to initialize the ES9018. Custom drivers for the ES routines. Particularly the handling of bit rate changes prior to the stream of I2s being read by the ES9018. The music player alone from the DX100 crashes without the ESS drivers being present...
Guys   I really appreciate the gesture! I really do :)   with that said,   This falls under iBasso. If they could sell/release me a unit as a dev unit, no warranty. No accessories at a price that is not retail. I can purchase this myself. I can sign NDA's, not a big deal. But that NDA would have to be focused only on the files used for ESS useage and maybe the player. Definetely not the android build or the technical working of what is happening. If the DX100...
Piece of advice.   DOn't go flooding them with emails asking for status updates ;)   I orderd the JH-3a system and I had it within 4 weeks. I think i exchanged a couple email asking about some technical informtion but that was about it.
Nope, last contact was what I put here related to the music cut and the why (ESS Reinitialization). I saw someone did contact them about the sorting on same file name (ie greatest hits).
    Do not confuse what Android has done to what it really is capable of. Android care o-meter for sound is what has been implemented.... Think Beat Audio DSP or a big fat donut for "audiophiles".   The DX100, although on a depracated OS in Androind 2.3.1, is just a shell. The real portion of the DX100 sound (along with every phone that has something like a Wolfson in them) is the coding to use the DAC(in the DX100 case, ES9018). Direct I2S digital stream from the CPU....
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