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I do not like Linkin park, actually I can not stand them. They definetly have a unique sound! The "talking" of the lead singer is unnerving to my ears. lol.
I personally would not bother...   specifically due to the time alignment.   If your JH16 has Freqphase than the comparison would be equal as timealignment is happening on the ear pieces instad of the digital domain
I leave the bass effect on for the most part especially under jazz or classical. For Heavy metal (Metallica's In justice for all). I turn it off as that album was recorded with a bass boost.
  No. I bring the JH3a to work and listen to them "amped" at work. Anywhere else is in an unamped state. More so for blocking external noises (light rail, bus). THe phone of choice is my Nexus S. Older phone, but I use google play to stream so not a big deal for accuracy.
Simple, I don't feel like lugging the JH3a everywhere.. Just the phone. So I use it with the adapter. :)   with that said,   the JH16 sound the SAME when they are unplugged and when they are connected to the JH3a with the Bass effect switch is turned on and the knob is all the way counter clockwise (0 gain). it is about a 3 dB increase in the lower frequency.   If Bass effect is turned off, the JH-16 sound like they are fairly flat on frequency response from 20-20khz.
that is too big a change for them. The other issue, this isn't iBasso doing the coding. This is RockCHip. Hence the lag between updates. It could be a future revenue stream but that would require USB OTG support meaning major custom development for hardware that does not have that. Not a simple task.
They replaced the entire chain...yes including the kernel driver. The entire chain from app, driver, kernel driver is custom.   and yes. The Whiskey Player interface directly with the custom driver and kernel driver HighRezMusic
I own the JH-16/J3a. I do listen to the JH-16 without the JH-3a.   coming from a musical background. There is a slight bump in the lower frequencies but it is slight. Only matters in rock, pop. Under classical it is not used much. Except for some pipe organ music and piano.   When I listen to Izthak Pearlman, Yo-yo Ma, Pepe Romero, Paco De Lucia, Paco Peña, Manuel Baruecco, Andre Segovia, John Williams, the master editor in Christopher Parkening (and catch all...
I have looked at the code, they are using their own custom "driver" to talk to the ESS. The stock player will fail to send audio to the ESS as it does not have the routines to talk to the ESS. The same is true if the custom audio player is installed on a device that does not have the custom driver. It just crashes. That is the reason they coded the custom audio player. the why? they need to read the bit rate and the frequency of the file everytime a new file is played...
Their EQ settings are database driven off a file.   The EQ code is an array[7]. it is 7 bands in code, not sure how many bands show in the GUI.   If it is an array, should be a matter of increasing the array number to say array[15] (1/15 octave EQ). the Issue is that I have not found the Q settings. then the GUI needs to be re-written for the 15 band EQ which is no small feat and might run into issue displaying in portrait, no issue in landscape.
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