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I just sent iBasso another bug fix   Greeting to iBasso,   The Artist sort is sorting by %artist% instead of %albumArtist%   The difference   %artist% is usually tagged with the artist that is performing the song.     so under Artist sorting i have   Santana feat Alejandro Lerner Santana feat Placido Domingo Santana feat Citizen Cope   which happen to all be under the Shaman album by Santana.   When it should just be one Artist,...
ok   looking at the music player itself...   the SRC... tried to see if the gap is there at the begining when hard setting the 44khz/48khz. Nope. Still there.   Personally I think they should break it down to   44khz 48khz 96khz 176khz 192khz   but that should be irrelevant if they do the fix that we suggested.
I am trying to remember the last time i got a virus.   probably been over 12 years.   Ohh that is right, i don't go click wheely kneely everything that shows up in my email. ;)   And yes, all that time on windows of some form.   Windows 8 is not to shabby.   the start tiles suck, the UAC can be disabled completely but that breaks theMS store (like who wil sue that??) Everything is the same as Windows 7   that is why MS calls it Windows Version 6 (For Windows 7) or Windows...
indeed, for me. this was an unexpected one.. Have to thank iBasso and everyone here for that! :)
Haven't had time to load music on it yet. Working on a Windows 8 project.   with that said, I did get it connected to the Andoid SDK on my laptop so now I can see what the DX100 is doing real time. :) I have lots of FLACs to transfer over to it.
Hi Guys,   still here. Nothing new to report. Holidays make all things slow down. I did recieve the DX100. :)
I don't mind double dipping as long as they don't butcher the "re-master" (or as I like to call it, "Hey, I think if we re-record the bass line or the drums it will sound "Eleventy billion" times better like One Ozzy Osborone or one Megadeth).   lol   ("Eleventy Billion" is from SNL's Celebrity Jeapordy where Toby McGuire plays a brilliant Keanu Reeves)
The gain setting does not affect anything except the amp output stage.   It is like in pro-amps that have a gain setting, It is ok to change gain settings to while music is playing. Somtime that is the best way to set gain :)
Ok let me clarify one thing.   The DX100 will support (this is a future plan) any 3rd party music player AS LONG as the 3rd party has access to the API, which iBasso has decided to make available to 3rd parties to leverage.   I know Lee posted the person behind PowerAmp is very intrested in this, Same with Neutrino player developer. Foobar2000 should be able to be ported to android and with access to the API for hi-rez.. this opens up a world of options for the...
Enough folks.   There is a middle ground that can be met and I have communicated that with iBasso.   Disable the services but NOT remove. That way if they are needed for when the players are available to install... enable the services, turn on, download, and turn off. Done. Save in battery life etc.   Removing them will make more work for you folks when the new players start landing on the DX100. The other items, like calender, mail etc. They can be disabled...
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