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  Big negative   the PC has the horsepower to make sure that things like offsets, error correction etc are making sure that everything that is on the CD is in the file. i have had CD's that were unreadable by most every CD player out there and was able to "revive" the bits digitally using...   EAC + Accuraterip, there is no better.
Lee   personally I wouldn't. There are a couple of libraries that are in the HDP that are not in the DX100.   with that said.   BOTH the HDP and the DX100 have a module for DSD decoding and it is enabled in both.   The DX100 DSD module is 10/18. The HDp-R10 is 12/12.   I might be able to pul the version of the whiskey player from the HDP-R10 but not sure how that would work on th Dx100 if at all.
Took a peak at the HDP-R10 player. Same player with different tweaks. Language is all japanese centered.   The lightning fast peek at the HDP-R10 firmware,that hardware does support disabling the non-used outputs.
5000+ Tracks 5000+ tracks in Lossless ;)   pushed out to google play so i can listen anywhere. Googleplay has the 5000+ tracks in 320 MP3.
well not sure.   THere is no cell chip so no power wasted there. perhaps wasted CPU cyles. Also GPS is also turned on... another thing that needs to be killed.   Looking at the DX100 i have.   504MB  483 Available. no pops. No clicks...
So rooted the phone, updated the SU binary and also installed the newest version of ES File Explorer and ES Task Manager   intresting discovery   even though there is no cell phone chip on the DX100   2g/3g is turned on by default. This is the  wireless network under location and security. Turn that bad boy off...
Personally,   they need to get this ironed out before releasing a new player. Once they get the DX100 polished. Then they can focus on a new player.
yes.   It looks like the DX100 is not reading the MP3 tags. THe file names.   with that said,   i think they have that addressed as that also extends to how the sorting is taking place for the album or artist.   update for everyone else:   As I mentioned, iBasso has already fixed the sorting issues. They will be reading the tags (FLAC, MP3 etc) to do file sorting. THey still have a couple of bugs to address. But it is looking good. :)
or you can donate it to the new OS program ;) I know i will probably end up messing it up so no harm if it is messed up already ;)   what is the problem?
Well with the DX100 in hand,   i am starting to piece together how everything works!   Particlemedia is the player name.. now I mentioned before that there are about 160 modules to this application   ListforT59 is the list for the albums (was wondering what it did)...   The ESS is controlled by Hi_Fi, it is not a media player driver but a Linux KERNEL driver that gets called directly by the whiskey.player   the magic happens...
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