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That is an issue with the JH3a... the lowest volume level is loud. :/
Just checking in..   no update from iBasso on Firmware.. I am still seeing when there is an ETA for it.
I use ES task manager with the DX100 rooted to turn off all services that are not needed (Calender, books etc). ES Task manager also showed the 2g/3g being turned on by default as well as GPS.
    they muck with the default EQ setting. Nothing wrong with that. That is why when you turn the EQ on there is about a 3db drop across the board.   1.2.3 chaned CLK freq of the dsp.they fixed in 1.2.7
No   all it does is upsample anything that is not that rate. The ESS still resets on read and still has the lead in fade.
It really does not matter. :)   As long as the fixes come.   THis is the same exact issue from before where the "Greatest hits" albums where gettings clustereed together...
RIght now sort order is done by the file name...I do not think Tags are read. I know for artist... the artist tag is read but there array is totally messed up.       I have two albums by different artist with the same title.   Cher - Believe Justin Beiber - Believe.   The Justin "Believe" when selected sends me to Cher. Only way to go to Justin's album is through the directory listing. (Don't ask why I have those two albums lol).
at high gain   the amp pumps out 350 (or was that 325? )mW worth of juice.
250   taking it to the upper limit? I can not even go past 160 on my IEMs as that is already loud.
sorry.   ANd let me guess, you get your folders done by artist and contributing artist right? I have gone over this 10 fold, no other way. Specially like albums like Santana's Supernatural where each track has a different guest artist.   I try to even rip from Flac to MP3 without albumartist in the mix and i get a garbage heap of folders with Santana feat xxxx, Santana feat yyyy. unless you omit who actully did the tracks together but then that is missing information but...
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