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lol...   good to know! :D
it is not hard.   I usually prefer to send the images of the issue and what it should look like (Thank you photoshop or reverse engineering!).
From a technical perspective, that should not be hard.   They just change the base "EQ" settings on each firmware (I know they did that back in the 1.2.x F/W changes, have not gone into the 1.4.X F/W). I mention EQ loosely though, they actually tweak the audio curve directly in the firmware. very minor adjustments but sometimes they don't change anything (Literally, bit for bit identical) but yet people say they "HEAR" a difference which I don't get.   They should be able...
... Too include me breaking apart the music player apk (Whiskey player).
Holy C!!!   Why make it so convoluted!   On = On   Off = Off. Done Open means off. Close means on except all bands eq ±0??? yikes! Yes means no. No means yes. Open means off Close means on anyones head turning?
Recessed mids?   I play the DX100 through JH16a and the JH3a+ JH16... never heard recessed mids in all my music.that might be an issue with the particular DX100 unit. It definetly is not a systemic issue.
Bug: Major (sorry about all the edits! Trying to narrow down the issue)   i am getting music to stop. Trying to figure what the cause is. I exited the application and now it does not happen. Seems to only happen within the application AFTER it gets to the last song of a folder then it continues until you press the setting button and EXIT the application. When you play from the widget (the screen player and not the full UI) at that point it does not do it. Can...
i have ran through 2 hours worth of gapless music (Dream Theater) and ave yet to hear a gap in any song. What album are you using?
v1.3.5   Using a pair of JH16 + connector to listen to the DX100. I have the JH-3a but I want to hear the DX100..   They definetly upped the lower frequencies. from 35hz and below.   the high frequencies stay the same.   Ran some Dream Theater - Live at Bodakan disc 1,2,3... Zero (yes that means NO gaps, None, zip, zilch, nada) gaps from track to track (easy to detect as the crowd tend to yell from track to track and there was never a yell, silence,...
The reason for the slow changing tracks is that it needs to to a compare of the old song vs new song specifically for the bit rate and freq change. If there is none. it moves along. ONLY when there is a change in bit depth or freq rate will the ESS be reset. WIll test later on tonight. See if they addressed the GPS and 2g/3g issue. Also wondering about file sorting now.
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