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Got my FX850's in and been listening them for a few days. I think these are my favorite so far. DN-1000's had deep bass, but a little sibilant, V-shape. A83's had very excellent mid's, almost sibilant treble, but not enough bass. Tenore's were cheap, but best balanced and clean sound for the buck, volume doesn't get loud. GR07BE have a fairly good V-sound overall but doesn't not excel in anyone one area, but good for the price, which was what I have been using. FX850's has...
 Yup, since it's a metal band, you can bend it outward too for a looser fit.
Anyways, I just ordered the 850's and am excited to receive them! Might be a wait since it's coming from Japan, but hopefully well worth it.   This whole tips thing is always a YMMV thing and there is no definite answer. I can understand both sides, but I didn't really read through all 200 pages of this thread to fully know.    As I have progressed into more purchases, I'm lucky enough to have compiled quite a few tips to swap around. And some tips that work for some...
Amazon.jp have the FX750 and FX850 at a $40 difference. Hmmm, I'm really wanting to try one, but not sure what to buy. I've read they have much different sound signatures. Can anyone say which one sounds like Dunu DN1000, Fidue A83, Vsonic GR07BE, which I have already tried. I am currently using GR07BE and Zero Audio Tenore.
Hey guys, I just discovered Tenso and had to order some Japanese eye drops for my Dad. I'm thinking this may be a good time to try the FXT's. Since the FXT90 and FXT100 are about the same price in Amazon JP, which should I buy or you guys recommend?   I already have the Vsonic GR07BE and Zero Audio Tenore, which are both great. Would I be wasting my time and money trying the FXT90 or FXT100?
 Actually, that is probably more of like "is there a better one out there? must buy moaaarrrr and find out!"
just type in "Dunu Titan" and they show up on top. $99 from Hong Kong. I'm just not comfortable ordering from ebay cause not sure if get fakes or not, but many headfi'ers have purchased ebay with a fine product.
These are back on MassDrop. I really want to know what the fuss is about. $89.99 + shipping is pretty good, but damn CA tax! Would these be a worthwhile addition or blow my mind if I already have the Tenore and GR07 BE? Also already had the DN1000 and A83.
GR06 is readily available on Amazon. Titan's on Amazon is shipped internationally, but I think they are back ordered or out of stock since the DUNU TOPSOUND seller which I think is Dunu direct shows unavailable or out of stock. Looks like all the sellers show a long lead time and increased price even though they don't have it in stock... Titan's are pretty damn hot right now! There are some on Ebay, but still ship from Hong Kong, but not sure how legit they are.
Where are you located?
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