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Since I moved my Magni 2 for my digital piano and HD600, I needed a replacement desktop amp. Was considering to just getting another Magni 2 or Uber, since I have the Modi 2, but wanted to try something else. Considered the Grace Designs and Chord Mojo, but wanted a desktop solution without batteries, because I already have the Cayin C5 which is great, but hated plugging and replugging the power cable since it's not supposed to be used while charging. Also wanted something...
I was wondering if anyone can recommend a desktop (non-battery) dac/amp that performs and sounds similar to the Cayin C5?   I had the Schiit Modi 2 / Magni 2 combo, but moved the Magni 2 to my Digital Piano permanently. In place, I am using my C5 with the Modi 2. I don't really like plugging and unplugging the USB charger daily, so looking for either an amp replacement to use with the Modi 2, or a dac/amp combo to replace it. I believe the Bass Boost is part of a dac...
Just got the Shozy Zero's. Fit wise, Zero's are almost as comfortable as the Tenore's being a tad bigger. Sound wise, they will give you a little bit more bass quantity and warmer sound, but the sound quality is very good. I love both the Tenore's and Zero's.
Probably depends on which tree was sourced for each batch. The older the tree, the more sub bass it has. You can open up your Zero's and count the rings in the wood to check the age.
Finally got mine. Initial impressions was pretty strong bass, but a little loose. Overall warm sound, but not super clear throughout. Seems to be getting better the more I listen to it.   Comparing to my favorites XB90, 800ST/7550, and similarly priced Zero Audio Tenores, which have a very clear and detailed sound, just doesn't have the deep subbass as the others (but very good clean bass nonetheless). 
I ended up getting a hd600 from a trade and they are awesome with the Magni 2 for the digital piano. I have yet to use it for music listening yet.
@davixx500 did you get the correct voltage power adapter, since you are in Germany? 115V US or 230V Euro. Well. I assume you have the correct one cause the US prongs wouldn't even fit your outlet anyway. Just a thought.
Like new, barely used. Includes original box and everything that came with it.    Check them out here for better photos and specs:   Looking for $315 total, which includes shipping and paypal fees. Will only ship in the United States.   Thanks for looking.
Resurrecting again...   I just bought a Roland FP-30 digital piano, and wanted to see what amps people were using. Most of my headphones sound great, but I think the volume can be just a tad higher. I already have a Schiit Modi Magni stack at work, but wanted something for the piano. I was thinking of just getting another Magni, but wanted something smaller, and maybe cheaper. Also, would love to have AC powered one, but most are battery portable amps (although you can...
@Mad Max   I did confirm that all my IEM's and Over Ear work fine with the Magni. You are probably right that it is damaged. They sound fine at medium volumes and below. What are the signs of a bad cable (The cable has no signs of wear or tears)? Replacing the cable or doing detachable cable mod doesn't seem too expensive. But replacing the drivers seem pretty costly... might as well buy a brand new one. Do you know the cheapest place for replacement drivers? Thanks.
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