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Sale pending... thanks for looking.
I bought these back in August from Budgen Audio for $159 plus $7 shipping, but only used them for maybe 10 hours to try them out. At the same time, I bought the Panasonic HJE-900. I liked more bass from the Panny's, which is what I have been using now.   The Fischer's have just been sitting in its box, and never got around to selling it until now. I'm asking $140 including free shipping to anyone in the U.S. Thanks!        
I'm not an audiophile, but listening to the difference of higher quality phones definitely puts a on my
What kind of chair do you have? Seems like you can sit there for dayss!  
The B&O systems in Audi's sound pretty nice. Don't know if that helps.
Same, when plugged into external device through RCA jack, one notch below max.
Yea, I remember getting them for $120, then saw it for $90. Anyways, I still enjoy the HJE900's very much. It is my favorite IEM.
When you say, lacking in bass, does it lack in bass similar to the DBA-02's?
Cool. Thanks for the review.
Looks like good bang for the buck. Thanks for the review.
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