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I vote for adventure... Get up & down those stairs! 
Another toast... we got a party now!
Oh, When You Were MineDonna Summer
Busi Mhlongo ( One of my fav top female singers)
HE-6 Update.:    I'm congested! Currently in-session with newly hardwired cans but experiencing congestion with ears-nose-throat. And frequent external noises in my new neighborhood is really making evals tuff!      Craftsmanship is top notch! And today I got a new headphone stand. Need to style it and compose a new photograph for the wonderful membership in this thread. Maybe Friday/Saturday I'll post.
Sarah Vaughan
Trust us, you have way more than enough power and reserve. That's a fine looking amp!   Are you posting pix later today?
Young Jeezy
Zap Mama
 By chance do you know what the resistance of your headphones are? I think my HE-6 measured 61 Ohms. Likely 25-32 watts into 50-64 Ohms... thereabout. Though, in advance I'll stand corrected. 
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