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Thanks, Mshenay. Behind the scenes, it takes time and great effort to take it out of storage, load the vehicle, unload, the long trek inside, setup and the reverse when the session is over.     But I don't mind! Great pleasure can be had by the ceremonial steps taken for enjoyment.
@ LarsHP   Luv that CD!
@ 2359glenn   Sorry to hear your peace was violently interrupted. But excited to learn that y'all are ok. And that our audio adventures may continue. 
@ Happy Camper      Today, out in the wild...   ...Los Angeles County Public Library: Sony DVP 9000ES>Sansui G-22000>HiFiMAN HE-6 (Modded)     @ The_Blood_Raven 4-pin XLR Adapter to speaker taps (mine are located L/R on either side of 25" wide chassis) in foreground
Silent notes made audible...and visible!   Firstly, "Happy holidays!" to my fellow members. I enjoy reading the contributions in this thread centered on the HiFiMAN HE-6.   Of late, I've been getting around and getting by with my HD650/iPod combo. A sound I've come to adapt under "All things considered..." Then luckily, the occasional Blue Moon will pass overhead and it's back in love again! Reuniting with the HE-6 and Shindo Laboratory Sinhonia F2a monaural amps or...
Absolutely! Well, if the timing and cash is right. We absolutely grew up on and adore Sweet Potato Pie. And French bubbly! And with our mutual interests in audio, music, food, people, cycling and Japan, been looking forward to meeting you.  Funny but, I even worked 'The S.H.O.W.' in Newport Beach this year where Magico had a big presence and still forgot about 'em.    
Congrats on the AVC! Looking forward to goin' 'Blutack'early in the new year...
Head across the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. There's a small community that lies just a few minutes northwest of Berkeley, California named El Cerrito. Here, you will find Berkeley Audio Designs:
@ TonyNewman hooking with 2359glenn...
That was my impression too, proton007.
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