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@ TonyNewman hooking with 2359glenn...
That was my impression too, proton007.
Greetings ohhgourami~ Wondering what jus you might be up to audio wise; project wise. Been on the go last few months, how did the Blu-tak mod work out for you, worth the pursuit?
It's always fun being out on the town with 'Baby Sinister.' I've encountered some interesting questions: Men: Small talk leading to..."Mind if I turn the knob?" Women: "Is it safe?" Boys: "Can it change into a Robot?" Girls: "Can it make cookies & cupcakes?"
Sad to hear about your Woo interrupted. Hope you get it repaired in time to swingduring year-end holidays. Pulling for you in SoCal.
Jus a friendly reminder...we love pix in this thread. 
Congrats on your new journey!
I need to restock my organic Rooibos (red bush) from the African Red Tea Co.
In your corner, perhaps silently so, but cheering for your full restoration.
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