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A nod to celebrate PhoenixG's recent purchase .::  ::.   The little  sibling seen in the wild Monday night at the Redondo Beach Public Library.     Patrons inside the library were speaking in hushed tones, so I politely jacked Phono 1. Two hours later, I arrived for a session @ SBUX. Out came the 4-pin xlr adapter for the modded HE-6. I tapped the speaker outputs and cranked up the volume!
With autumn here hopefully this thread gets rejuvenated.
A BIG Chug out to ya! Will fully restore mine down the road...
 Nearly suffocated the mouse trying to scroll up real fast for a double take...gorgeous!
Seems my most prolific periods for writing are usually September thru March each year. 
Susheela Raman
Stompin' Room OnlyRay Charles
I did that late '90's to a select few recipients for a special touch. And occasionally scanned and sent a full handwritten letter.
Hank Crawford
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