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Just tripped over a local L.A. band (Jungle Fire) on a beautiful Saturday nite here in SoCal. Made a Milk run to the goodie sto' and get quarters for laundry tomorrow while I was in there. I was listening to in the ride and when the band came on I couldn't get outta da car! And so I sat...
  This local L.A. band...Hot! Hot!! Hot!!!
Can't wait! Read that The Lake People really put some thought into the V281. I nearly bought the V181 from my dealer two years prior. If only I were nearly your neighbor, I'd bang on your door to borrow: 1. The 2359glenn 300B2. Waffles AND some French bubbly! 
A Tribe Called Quest
My ManBillie Holiday
Is it a matter of space allocated for your gears and/or you'd like to use the proceeds from the Leben for the purchase of that nice old fat solid state integrated? Easy for me to suggest but if you're able to keep the Leben, then the purchase of a vintage integrated could complete your audio rack.
Yes indeed, SpeakerBox...what a shot!
What Silence SaidSusheela Raman
The knob on my Pre is so buttery smooth, you'll wanna touch & turn whether music is playing or no. 
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