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That was my impression too, proton007.
Greetings ohhgourami~ Wondering what jus you might be up to audio wise; project wise. Been on the go last few months, how did the Blu-tak mod work out for you, worth the pursuit?
It's always fun being out on the town with 'Baby Sinister.' I've encountered some interesting questions: Men: Small talk leading to..."Mind if I turn the knob?" Women: "Is it safe?" Boys: "Can it change into a Robot?" Girls: "Can it make cookies & cupcakes?"
Sad to hear about your Woo interrupted. Hope you get it repaired in time to swingduring year-end holidays. Pulling for you in SoCal.
Jus a friendly reminder...we love pix in this thread. 
Congrats on your new journey!
I need to restock my organic Rooibos (red bush) from the African Red Tea Co.
In your corner, perhaps silently so, but cheering for your full restoration.
For me, audio has always been fun! Though, through the years I've seen many a forum where members are ready to drop the gloves...sad!You know, despite my being inside the library listening (trying to anyway...) for two hours, I managed to actually hear one full track undisturbed - at closing time!  Several male teens and older gents kept stopping to talk. Many loitered nearby waiting for the previous person to walk away. Rather than get frustrated, I patiently answered all...
New Posts  All Forums: