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That's some kinda sugar! Great to see a renewed presence here. On "Ginger," I remember watching NHK World TV and learning Japanese women tend to increase their consumption of Ginger during winter to aid blood circulation and warm the body. Although I'm in SoCal, think I'm gonna try some in tea just for the adventure of having something new.
Maybe someday TMAC rises like the Phoenix to honor/tribute fellow members differently than in days gone by.
Also wishing our chum da best!
When you consider the music lovers we are, 50 titles is hunger! Sony's paranoia with the vault is killing us!
Would love to get Aja next! In December I visited I think it was, and reviewed 2,875 discs. Only found 27 titles I'd bother with.
  ____   Been really enjoying watching your builds emerge, Glenn. Especially when your ideas get wicked!
Looking forward to your eval!
[/QUOTE] There is no going back.... [/quote] Haven't done the conversion here with my W4S shoebox, yet. Likely not. But bringing a Sony S9000ES DVD/SA-CD player into the listening room has me chasing discs for it. Currently on own one SA-CD and that'd be "Nightfly." Can't afford much now but quietly looking for more titles. And YES, that one disc sounds yum-o!
@ warrenpchi & CA 🏁 🏁 🏁
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