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Waters of MarchSergio Mendes
  WooAudio WA6 Special Edition1942-44 TS-BGRPs VT/231; 1957 USAF-596 Moar? In 2010 barely 2 months passed before I was using 6SN7; 7N7, and preparing for others...ain't never looked back!
A Silent Blue Moon .::.   The aforementioned saw me discreetly remove my HE-6 (re-cabled/modded) and 1978 Sansui G-22000 from the storage facility @ 0400 hours Sunday. Did not get around to any listening till Monday @ 0100 hours. Returning the ensemble Wednesday but big fun putting a few more hours on the HiFiMAN's.    27 JUILLET 2015   HE-6    @ 677 hrs HD650 @ 196 hrs D7000 @ 1,809 hrs D5000 @ 1,926 hrs   Sansui G-22000 @ 310 hrs Shindo Lab F2a Sinhonia @ 518...
A Drop of WaterKeiko Matsui
KMOK (Karen Mok)
If I may, I would like to briefly join the convo before dinner.  What may not be clear or clearly known: - Have a few DACs; entertained an MHDT for a few months once.- Have a tube pre-amp with a gorgeous tone.- Have a full rig with three vintage receivers and two vintage monaural amps.- ALL my gears are temporarily in storage and was simply making light of the few pieces that comprise the mobile rig. Trust me, when my gears are setup in the home I do NOT roll my G-22000...
Diff vendor same concept - RAM Din connector > RCAs. Much lower noise floor than hpo. 
  No DAC. No TT.   No problem!   I've grown restless and have put together my mobile rig with one notable exception and took the HE-6 out of hiding. At sunrise, I pulled the monster out along with the HiFiMAN's.   My typical mobile rig - YES - my mobile rig consists of the Big 'G', HD650 & iPod. Usually when I'm staying a few days at a hotel, cafe, library ect. I'll roll the rig around on a flatbed dolly.   Space is tight, so will listen Monday & Tuesday, then...
No such luck. Had to sell my one and only pair to fund the HE-6 & Wireworld cable. No regrets but... now that I've different amps, I wanna see what it can do.
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