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King Of The WorldSheila & B.Devotion
While I've not heard the HE-6 with some of the fine offerings I read in this space, I don't think I'm doing too bad either. I have been getting by with the HE-6 leashed up to a pair of Shindo Laboratory F2a Sinhonia monaural amps, featuring the Seimens F2a bottles. And on the "SS" side, the Sansui G-22000 featuring dual mono construction and straight DC design safe-guarding the signal from Input to Output. 
In The Heat of The NightRay Charles
Body HeatJames Brown
To the wonderful cast of members here..."Happy Thanksgiving!"   - Team Sansui
@ Clayton SF May Astrud's vocals transport you back in time...     @ 2359glenn After successfully cooking up many a good times for members in the studio, how's the cooking in the kitchen coming along?  
"Happy Thanksgiving everyone!"  
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