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Matt got back to me today and suggested a rough estimate for the Big 'G' of about $800 including the big main filter caps. Will have Matt firm in mind.
Dance To The MusicSly & The Family Stone
1978 Sansui G-22000. Purchased around Mar/Apr 2013.
 A huge welcome for you; autumn. Look forward to expressions from you and others.
I get excited sometimes...never wrap while listening to music.  
In my case, I just moved-in 3 weeks ago...and only found my audio cables yesterday. No need to unwrap the goodies till I'm done slinging the iron around the room like it's lunch! Gotta make sure when I place here or there that it looks good.  Perspective: the audio rack is 56" wide  and the Sansui dominates the shelf from end-to-end.  @ LugBug1Thanks kindly.
Karen Mok - Hong Kong Actress, singer and songwriter.
You Got The PowerWar
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