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Nick Moss
Wayne Shorter
Thanks. I've fallen a bit behind with my enjoyment of music. Sure, gears are nice, but after the smoke clears from a bad tube or two, it's all about playing and listening to the music.  By the way, I've been sharing in your joy from afar, it keeps hope alive for me!
A Time And Place .::.   While all my gears remain temporarily stored around the corner (boxed up), I was inspired to take the venerable '2359glenn amp' out for a listen next few days...(few weeks?) after doin' the same with a vintage receiver over the weekend.    I've simply no space for the full rig. But have recently grown tired of internet radio so...time to start listening to audio again one piece at a time!      Only the rectifier differs in this previous...
Nnenna Freelon
Stanley Jordan
Still WaterSupremes
Arturo Sandoval
Picked up the Tung-Sol's from 'tc electronics' online......I miss my Woo! 
Regina Carter  Update.::.  Chic
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