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After The Love Is GoneEarth Wind & Fire
Yolonda Adams
The Coup that almost was.::. Spring 2013, fellow member 'wotts' and I nearly nearly pulled off the coup of the year! Memory is a bit fuzzy at this writing, but as I recall, I had just purchased the lovely G-22000. Shortly after, he alerted me to a G-33000 that had just come up for sale back that way. My plan was to purchase the G-33000 and then sell the G-22000 to 'wotts.' I set about raising the cash and it sold...quickly! Had we been successful that would have been some...
Monty Alexander
I'm Good At Being BadTLC
 As the temperature falls in your region, your amp will be right-on-time to enjoy indoors. 
Haven't been on in a bit (this most wonderful thread) and disappointed to return to news of potential fraud. Involving one of our own, no less. 
 Can't wait to see you down the street! Well...depending on your region. I'm still struggling to overcome my layoff. But this time my excuse is getting injured on a boat - slipped and busted head open in a fall last week. I do know whenever that ride occurs, I'm gonna dedicated it to fellow rider & head-fier 'Pigmode.' 
Tired Of Being AloneAl Green
Yannick Noah
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