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Looking forward to your eval!
[/QUOTE] There is no going back.... [/quote] Haven't done the conversion here with my W4S shoebox, yet. Likely not. But bringing a Sony S9000ES DVD/SA-CD player into the listening room has me chasing discs for it. Currently on own one SA-CD and that'd be "Nightfly." Can't afford much now but quietly looking for more titles. And YES, that one disc sounds yum-o!
@ warrenpchi & CA 🏁 🏁 🏁
Tube amps can be very alluring to look at.
What a shot! Perhaps, I'll have an opportunity in February to sample this.
Thanks rlawli; wuwhere. Wasn't aware the MC275 was solid state amp using a tube output and wondered in general about tube output transformer needing resistors to show a load.
Interesting. As I'd like to learn more, would you please express a bit more? Thanks.
 ur most welcome.::.
Simple elegance. 
What a chic travel ensemble!  Some moons back, one of my fav things to do at record stores (Tower Records; Virgin MegaStore - Sunset Blvd, L.A.) was head to the Import section for Cds. I found...along with a higher  price tag, bonus tracks or compilations not marketed for U.S. sales. Love the Japanese offerings.
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