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 Blind or no, I'd like to taste-test-sample this! 
 I'm going to have to check her out, that's quite the delivery shown above...
WOWZA! I just sat down to a very late lunch (busy day) and played this vid. I literally stopped chewing beyond the 2 minute mark so I wouldn't make any noise  they brought it and set it down, baby!
Good thing I don't live in the Great White North, I'd get a speeding ticket on a Jet-ski if snow tried to prevent a quick purchase!  That thing is gorgeous and I do love the sound of my former G-22000, so there's my vote. A few parts may prove unobtainium but there will still be replacement parts, just not always original.
 Your pix are very nice and illustrate I need to get up and go somewhere... by Jet.
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