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Second thoughts: I'm using the 16 Ohm taps on the mono blocks, hence the estimated 10wpc @ 64 Ohms. Just remembered I'm using the HE-Adapter box @ 8 Ohms. Does this mean my reality then is 5wpc @ 64 Ohms?
 I'm with you!  Land of the Rising Sun got you excited, yeah?
Back In Love AgainL.T.D.
Salif Keita
 Hope the HE-6 doesn't kill the precious little green ones inside the listening room (appx 10wpc @ 64 Ohms; cans measured 61 Ohms)
+1Can't wait to travel and see Japan.
We gonna get together one of these days. I'll be NYC bound at some point...
Yes. This practice stems from: - Researching music and having to access Reserved Book Rooms/Reserved Music Rooms- Writing letters (lots of them by hand)- Being ceremonial about Music, Writing, Tea ect... Not really about the gear per se  but it is nice to reflect.  - See 'wuwhere' though, I simply use "Evernote."  - List I shall, to give you; y'all, an idea into my nights.  Saturday night I definitely enjoyed some Willie Bobo (Latin Jazz Percussionist). Often times, I'm...
My overnight listening session just went final. When I recorded the activity, I noticed the HiFiMAN line all six'ed out:     18 AOUT 2014   HE-6    @ 666 hrs HD650 @ 142 hrs D7000 @ 1,809 hrs D5000 @ 1,926 hrs   Sansui G-22000 @ 302 hrs Shindo Lab F2a Sinhonia @ 513 hrs Shindo Lab Aurieges MM @ 507hrs    Wyred4Sound DAC-1 @ 2,225 hrs Music Hall MMF-7  @ 76 hrs 2359glenn OTL Silver Hawk  @ 717 hrs Sony DVP-S9000ES @ 2 hrs
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