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@ warrenpchi & CA 🏁 🏁 🏁
Tube amps can be very alluring to look at.
What a shot! Perhaps, I'll have an opportunity in February to sample this.
Thanks rlawli; wuwhere. Wasn't aware the MC275 was solid state amp using a tube output and wondered in general about tube output transformer needing resistors to show a load.
Interesting. As I'd like to learn more, would you please express a bit more? Thanks.
 ur most welcome.::.
Simple elegance. 
What a chic travel ensemble!  Some moons back, one of my fav things to do at record stores (Tower Records; Virgin MegaStore - Sunset Blvd, L.A.) was head to the Import section for Cds. I found...along with a higher  price tag, bonus tracks or compilations not marketed for U.S. sales. Love the Japanese offerings.
Good point you make, illustrating other ways one can get in to trouble. 
Reports of blown drivers from fellow users got me a bit nervous (understated). As, I am good  most of the time. I do allow myself a few hi-speed passes during certain passages. I mean, the volume knob on the receiver is so big it's like...you gotta turn it!
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