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Will give some adhesive felt inside ring of cup a shot this week coming...thanks as always!
Good to see you around. Will have a look at your suggestions above. I frequently write with the Lady Shikibu ink, as it's Purple with a hint of Blue. Did so especially today in a nod to Prince. 
First. a nod to The Purple One...R.I.P. Prince *     One observation I'd like to add now, but had to quickly log off and hit the street last night, was the pads get warmer quicker after sealing the cups. User experience and what individuals may or may tolerate will vary. Good sound will see me quickly acclimated.    Currently using Lawton Audio TH-900 Leather pads. Using gauss sounds like a good idea, thanks for tip! Maybe Saturday and will report back.
Silent notes made audible...and visible!     Did the 'Rope' mod last weekend - my version of the Blutack mod using rope caulk instead. Used in the same manner, performing the same function. Already had some on hand as it's a product I use for a variety of things around the living space.   A few of my thoughts to follow:   - Was ohhgourami's guide useful? HUGELY. - Was it messy? Yes, but then...who doesn't like to play around inside the listening room?!  - Would I...
I share this thought as well...
Thanks, your explanation is clear. I'm likely to do the star method first and maybe the next hour full caulk with rope caulk and see what I think.
Finally gonna get around to playing with my cans this weekend. Seems my HE-6 has spent quite some time in storage but...spring is in the air. And I wanna touch 'em up a bit. Currently have most mods done modestly, now looking ahead at "Blu-tack." In my case it'll actually be rope caulk since I've used it for years and it's lying about. I'm interested in trying the seven areas around the driver first, as you suggested for your trial. Have you a photo for illustration as to...
Configs: I go with both just about 50% of the time. Where I attempt to place the unit matters hugely  How are you getting along with your Big 'G'? Ultimately, in the future I'd like to have my Sansui completely redone, kit AND kaboodle! 
  Rear view shot! 1978 Sansui G-22000
New Posts  All Forums: