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Would like to see images supporting suggested themes for the months...
On the vocalist front... good one. Did I really need to state only his chop sticks would be making the cut during studio sessions?   We be intentionally posting less these days.  
Earlier this spring, I'm almost certain in entertainment news I heard Collins was coming outta retirement for a new album. Likely as vocalist...
@ TwinQY I for one, am very pleased that my fav shade is not tilting anymore toward the bluer side. That hint of blue is just enough...elegantly so. For my everyday blue I use the Ajisai. I really only have multiple bottles of those two (Purple; Blue). Guess I need to get out more, yeah? Money is in the way at this time but may get adventurous this summer. Jus saw Pilot now has a Bamboo Charcoal that looks interesting to me. But at nearly $50, this could take awhile.
Obviously, Missing May...
Re : : : Murasaki Shikibu Deep Purple? Interesting. No change under different lighting? While I love purple proper, that hint of blue makes the ink exciting in my eyes.
Very nicely presented, TwinQY
I remember that storm. And the distrust that followed. It changed a few of my would be purchases at the time.   My listening sessions have slowed the past 18 months...hugely so. But proud to say my W4S shoebox has 2,274 reliable and satisfying hours on it to date.
'Maybe May'...
Will give some adhesive felt inside ring of cup a shot this week coming...thanks as always!
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