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Abraham Laboriel
In my view.::. You can either be appalled and remain that way or strive toward getting greater understanding from me without attacking me. Our shared remarks, public or private, should be tempered with grace not salt. I still think we should finish up in PM - clarity would come a whole lot quicker. Shame you're of the opinion I do not knoweth what I speaketh regarding the 'B-word' & 'N-word.' That I do not take them lightly shows your lack of understanding and awareness....
All AroundBebel Gilberto
Tony Thompson
Love Having You AroundStevie Wonder
This is true. And yet, misses the point. Yes, I could have also used one of your other words to change direction. I was being playful about sitting it out until other players changed direction. That said, we (regular participants in this game) don't always pay attention to each other's comments and I can see how my remarks got your attention. Back to verbal gaming...
Esther Phillips
 Get Off Your Ass And JamFunkadelic
King T
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