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Xiomara Laugart
Everything I Do Is Wrong B.B. King
Just had a quick & breezy session @ 90min. 'Baby sinister' (Sansui G-22000):  She's still trying to smack the HE-6 around like a Dominatrix!
Voices Inside (Everything Is Everything)Donny Hathaway
(Have fun, drive Wilson Pickett
Back in 2010 I had my Wireless Router sitting underneath the audio rack - my tube amp system was dead quiet. One day I physically lifted the router up for usual cleaning and dusting and got buzzed out of the room next listening session. Previously had cleaned the component the same way for months without issue. Suddenly, I couldn't stop the system from buzzing.    Eventually went Ethernet to computer and placed the router a few rooms away. All was restored.
Ellis Marsalis, Jr.
Hate 2 Love UAmerie
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