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Erroll Garner
Surely hauling all that iron around the studio should build muscle. Wishing you nuthin' but the best - will be tuff at first but you can do it!
I'm feelin' the vibe ALL the way in SoCal! 
+1Other commits prevented me from meeting you and your fab setup. Still wanna hear it - a mini-mini meet, perhaps. Sadly, my own setups have been and will be mothballed for a handful of months. 
Knock On WoodEddie Floyd
Five Minutes Of FunkWhoodini
Me? I wasn't put off by the review because I had Salt at the ready and picked-up a grain prior. I did find the selection; arrangements, curious. And still went about my HE-6 merry way...
In my view, this is all "circuit dependent." I have sat down with original NOS WE300Bs for a few hours and Marvin Gaye's vocals were floating across the listening room in my presence. As were Ella's and a delightful handful of others.  Was listening to a pair of Shindo Laboratory Western Electric 300B Single-end monaural amps.
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