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Diff vendor same concept - RAM Din connector > RCAs. Much lower noise floor than hpo. 
  No DAC. No TT.   No problem!   I've grown restless and have put together my mobile rig with one notable exception and took the HE-6 out of hiding. At sunrise, I pulled the monster out along with the HiFiMAN's.   My typical mobile rig - YES - my mobile rig consists of the Big 'G', HD650 & iPod. Usually when I'm staying a few days at a hotel, cafe, library ect. I'll roll the rig around on a flatbed dolly.   Space is tight, so will listen Monday & Tuesday, then...
No such luck. Had to sell my one and only pair to fund the HE-6 & Wireworld cable. No regrets but... now that I've different amps, I wanna see what it can do.
Miriam Makeba
Blue Magic Jay-Z
Moon BlueStevie Wonder
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