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Good to see you re-engage. Any Swans sitting inside your living room (Shindo gear)? Did you at least reach out to Matt (Pitch Perfect Audio)? 
Sweetest Somebody I KnowStevie Wonder
Suzanne Vega
That we missed it by an hour had me kickin' cans up and down the street like a school kid cuttin' class..."Now what?"
Shelly Manne edit.::. Gal Costa
I Want Your LoveChic
After The Love Is GoneEarth Wind & Fire
Yolonda Adams
The Coup that almost was.::. Spring 2013, fellow member 'wotts' and I nearly nearly pulled off the coup of the year! Memory is a bit fuzzy at this writing, but as I recall, I had just purchased the lovely G-22000. Shortly after, he alerted me to a G-33000 that had just come up for sale back that way. My plan was to purchase the G-33000 and then sell the G-22000 to 'wotts.' I set about raising the cash and it sold...quickly! Had we been successful that would have been some...
Monty Alexander
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