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Using bananas on my Auditorium 23's into Shindo mono blocks. But the 1987 Sansui stereo receiver have old school binding posts w/hole in center for naked wire. 
May not have anything new. But using what I've got to delight - just penned another personal letter.
Speaking of "Tinns"... ...My own ends keep breaking off and now 4-pin xlr adapter is getting shorter and shorter. I need someone to re-solder the ends. My monster receiver is 25" long with L/R posts on either side so, you can visualize the problem here if that cable gets too short.  Perhaps, I can enlist your help later this month?
As this is a thread where we can share and learn respectfully from one another, I was hoping to learn more from Xcalibur255. In the spirit of our hobby, if you're still following the thread, perhaps you'll return and share your recent experience with us. 
  Indeed!  Gonna take my Sansui out of storage Labour Day weekend for 2 days and have a blast! 
Romy, You are in my thoughts and prayers, both positive in nature. And know you are not alone...get well soon!
Can't Stand To Love YouChic
Walter Hawkins
 This afternoon I put air in the tires and rode around the gated one-way parking lot around the facility, 5 casual loops. It was at once pedestrian and exciting!
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