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"Happy 2015" to all the Woozies out there! As a former WooAudio Black WA 6 Special Edition owner running 6SN7 series tubes, a couple of things: 1. MOT 2359glenn has been working with tubes & circuit designs all his life. Based on his background experience, I trusted him to use the adapter in my Woo over the recommendation from Jack, whom I consider a good vendor, acquaintance and friend of the audio community.  Yup , slapped that adapter right on in there some 3 months...
+1 They gorgeous!
Shake ItMC Shy D
"Happy 2015!" to all of you as well.  Nice - anything that moves us to write...write-on dallan! Obsessions?  As I see it, too many choices can lead to a lack of commitment. It's always nice to experience new inks, pens and paper, tho...  Had I not been several posts late... but def thought the same as you expressed. Still waiting to experience the Sailor brand. I'd certainly put the Pilot Namiki Falcon in my shopping cart for the sub $200 cat.
Kevin Selfe
Donald Byrd
Holiday Cheers to my brothers and sisters inside this most wonderful thread!
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