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I was in a similar spot, where I didn't want to make the purchase of the HE-6 blind and not knowing what to pair it with. And specs aren't going to necessarily tell you if the presentation the pairing returns is for you. One advantage you have though, is you're bringing the cans in and that's a plus! Now you can go around and listen to potential amps with them and seek; compare. My own breakthrough came when I received a loaner pair to audition.
@ OregonianThanks for jumpin' in, as I didn't quite expand on my comment.   @ Music AlchemistYes, quality means diff things to diff people. And the word enjoys a few varied definitions. However, if you accept the basic definition of the word, it in fact would suggest to you which amps to pay closer attention to and perhaps which to look past.  I will agree your budget in the mean term presents challenges. I've faced similar challenges in the past but didn't let it damper...
Little Boy LostMadonna
Norman Connors
Sylvester Stewart
So starved for music right now, I'd even to the HE-6 outta my iPad! Well...for a minute  anyway.
American BoyEstelle featuring Kanye
My suggestion would be to acquire a speaker amp of quality and definitely pre-owned for affordability. 
Let's Hear For The BoyDeniece Williams
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