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Treated like a legacy product, I suppose...
Overstated October? Maybe coming out of September the theme should've been Over/Under October...does he make it?! (-:
Beautifully displayed! Except, the rack doesn't leave any space to stash the BIG AT&T Phone Book (circa 1970s)!
In my view - kinda like the smog alerts in SoCal...haaazy, man! - I think outsiders view this dying thread as having little life left. But that would be (potentially) a mistake and the wrong point of view. For me it's about the afterlife in the thread, held together by friendship among us, and the spirit of our beloved brother. Further, the juice from getting the thread back on track can help stave off dementia. There you have it folks, your PSA for today!
@ deafdoorknob You hit the nail on the head Olympic style.    - Owner Shindo Lab monaural amps; preamp.
Too late for August? But I have a coupon good thru the 31st "Buy One, Get One Free." 
For my Shindo Lab mono blocks (40wpc/Class A @16 Ohms) & modded HE-6, I bought a pair of "Naked" Zero-Autoformers and dropped my 50 Ohm cans down to 16 Ohms.     Will pick up another pair Zeroes this fall for my Sansui G-22000 (265wpc/Class A @ 8 Ohms) & HE-6 combo. Will try the HiFiMAN's out @ both 16 & 12.75 Ohms and see what I think.
I'm using the Wireworld Eclipse 7 Silver/Copper cable @ 19awg. overall cable is stiff; heavy. And doesn't bother me in the least! 
Cello...who is doin' it for you in 2016?
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