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Spectacular! I just saw a wonderful and beautiful example of vintage iron from the the world's largest music company...congrats!
"Ad space April." Cat Ads take over London tube. Movement for same goal in progress for Washington D.C. Metro:
Curiously, what tale did the seller share with you about the sudden price increase?
175 posts since I last visited this space?! You members are finally on the march...toward March, I suppose!
Greetings Xcalibur255!I've frequently and long been away enjoying Surf & Sand. Is your recent post an indication you're close to doin' your first build? If so, that's excellent! Even if the master himself (2359glenn) consulted, that'd be Fantastique!
I can't wait for you to throw your array of fine headphones at it!
I still enjoy writing letters with my twin metal Falcon pens - Purple ink in the Sapphire body, Blue ink in the Black body. @ TwinQY Great samples, great contributions as always!
Wishing you all health, peace & good audio in 2017!
Ah, the liberation of ohhgourami...beautiful!
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