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@ deafdoorknob You hit the nail on the head Olympic style.    - Owner Shindo Lab monaural amps; preamp.
Too late for August? But I have a coupon good thru the 31st "Buy One, Get One Free." 
For my Shindo Lab mono blocks (40wpc/Class A @16 Ohms) & modded HE-6, I bought a pair of "Naked" Zero-Autoformers and dropped my 50 Ohm cans down to 16 Ohms.       zeroimpedance.com     Will pick up another pair Zeroes this fall for my Sansui G-22000 (265wpc/Class A @ 8 Ohms) & HE-6 combo. Will try the HiFiMAN's out @ both 16 & 12.75 Ohms and see what I think.
I'm using the Wireworld Eclipse 7 Silver/Copper cable @ 19awg. overall cable is stiff; heavy. And doesn't bother me in the least! 
Cello...who is doin' it for you in 2016?
I've been pushing 265wpc into my HE-6 with my vintage lovely since 2013 and I love to crank it during fav high speed passes but quickly mind the volume. Especially on power up/down. My unit is also blessed to have an inner ring lock on the big fat volume knob.  
And wishing you many more... My thoughts on what you could do next requires a bit of luck, timing and patience.  - Ask the beloved one for a voucher- Evaluate whether better cans or better amplification would bring you higher sonic satisfaction- Then execute Sell & Scale, using proceeds plus voucher to move upscale with that one chosen piece of better quality Now, the collector in you will bring internal conflict - "Mo' stuff or mo' better." Whatever you decide, may your...
Some folks have been known to spend that much at strip clubs - I think they've got the wrong pole!  I'm still interested in taking one of my rigs off-grid. Last year I was close to pulling a battery bank from a Prius, or one of the EVs (cars or scooters). But as I went around wrecking yards, I didn't particularly like the nick-cad battery banks being used for the expense. Here in SoCal this place is crawling with lots of Prius' and other hybrids and EVs...
@ Skylab - Well said. @ leftside - As a modded HE-6 owner, I can testify an inadequate SS amp won't properly drive the cans either. The quest is akin to navigating a sea of icebergs - some owners make good decisions, some get lucky but many run into trouble without understanding what lies beneath and what's really needed. Sufficient watts may get you in the ballpark, but only good design and good power supply will get you seated by row & section number. My own cans are...
I'm using Lawton Audio TH900 leather pads on my HE-6.
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