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Our hot pursuits were brought to us in part by HiFiMAN, innovating the art of listening through products like the HE-6.  
Good thing you got some tired neighbors 
I'm into aesthetics, too, I know what you're sayin'! Also, my adapter for The Mighty 596 - custom made by 2359glenn - were tight and fit right!
 My listening session is helping me stay up. Laundry mat opens @ 0500 hrs...will be first in, first out! With all other chores completed Saturday, I can coast the rest of the day. And moar music later tonight! 
With heat not being a problem inside the room, I'm blasting Karen Mok's "I Will Be Fine" on volume 10 (not really...perhaps at 30%), with Bassist Abraham Laboriel on deck.
@ ohhgourami...are you in-session overnight, too?  
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