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1. HE-6 Loaner/Pioneer SX-650 @ 35wpc2. HE-6 Purchased/Sansui G-22000 @ 265wpc 1. Lowest power amp attempted - WooAudio WA 6 Special Edition @ 1wpc2. Lowest power amp in regular rotation - Shindo Laboratory F2a Sinhonia monaural amps @ 40wpc
Ohhh...we luv us some Natacha!   Susheela Raman
Black RainKaren Mok (Absolutely dig this track!)
Wait...did I  did we miss out on a holiday give-a-way or some promo?Team Sansui
I still would like to hear one; get one. Maybe "2015"...
Yes, a lovely presentation! 
 Congrats on the '500c!' After reading moody's experience with the model, I was moved enough to set out and get one. Nearly did, as I found a seller locally just minutes from home. The seller's feet went cold and quick! Contacted him just as he decided to hold on to it. 
 Do it like you know you can!
Don't GoSheila & B.Devotion
David Ruffin
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