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All AroundBebel Gilberto
Tony Thompson
Love Having You AroundStevie Wonder
This is true. And yet, misses the point. Yes, I could have also used one of your other words to change direction. I was being playful about sitting it out until other players changed direction. That said, we (regular participants in this game) don't always pay attention to each other's comments and I can see how my remarks got your attention. Back to verbal gaming...
Nuthin' that was used tonight but referenced a previous stand taken that I'd like to get away from using both words here. I'm not attacking anyone nor did my box have a lot of soap. More conscious thought, if you would. 
Will send you a PM...friendly I might add (tomorrow), to clear up any and all that I expressed tonight and in previous months on these pages. Nuthin' bad you simply missed my point.  
Esther Phillips
 Clear entry meaning "It" not included in said reply...at all. Still may list a track now and again but def gettin' away from the 'N-word.' Get Off Your Ass And JamFunkadelic
I know this - remember wuwhere had a singular entry during this consideration  and also waiting for a clear entry
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