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Both sides are correct but proper adapters are needed (cathode resistor and bypass capacitor) for the '6 Special Edition.' Well, if memory serves... 
A Night In Tunisia Modern Jazz Quartet
Candi Staton
Angel of the NightAngela Bofill
Lover ManBillie Holiday
Thanks for the kind words. To really appreciate the size of the Big 'G' in a pix, you gotta look at the background for scale. My living quarters are temporarily tight and as much as I want my vintage lovely nearby, it didn't make the cut! Just returned it to storage this evening after a torrid 48 hour love affair with the iron. Very few examples were made but you might just get lucky one day depending on your region and awareness of ownership.
@ 2359glenn; TonyNewman    Can't wait for y'all to splash the page here with pix!!!
Since I'm starving for gear, send me the amp and I'll send you pix!
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