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  Currently in-session with "The Best Of Etta James." Rather than display the album cover, I decided to post her Star...what an artist! Using the easy to drive  and much heralded HiFiMAN HE-6 (re-cabled), paired with Shindo Laboratory Preamp; Shindo Laboratory monaural amps, when Etta sings about falling in love or heartache, I believe it!
 Additionally, one's source may proceed or halt the hit parade with potential pairings! 
Dr. Fang Bian's selection to use very powerful magnets with the HE-6 make them quite the adventure.
Blue Light 'Til DawnCassandra Wilson
His tour is winding down an we should have him back in no time. He'll be able to contribute to both the Bay Area meet and mini meets like no other!
 I love it when Prep grabs the wheel and drives the bus to see what's possible inside the listening room!
Did not attend. Still looking forward to meeting you, though. A few years back, shipsupt invited me to a Jazz club and hang out with you two. Believe it was somewhere in Mountain View. Can't wait for England to give us back our export! 
Who doesn't like a good Trinidadian Hot pepper?!  
I enjoy watching your journey with work/travel, audio & photography. Can' wait for you to bring the WA5 home! 
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