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American Way Nas
 With no TH900 coming here soon, I put jealousy down and picked up a bowl of green tea to endure the wait. 
I've heard both cans but with two different systems; environments. I can often be read referring to the mids of the HE-6 as being clear as a bell! Between the HD800 and HE-6, I'd give the nod to the HiFiMAN HE-6. "In this corner, weighing xxx grams... wearing Black trunks in Black trim... and still heavyweight champion can of the world!!! Please give a large round of applause for..." ok 'Silent One' just calm down!  
Thanks for illuminating the gift...lovely it is! Though she does not appear in your post with or without glasses. CONGRATS on that 10k!!!
Will Downing
Now, if I can only learn to find my voice. 
Young AmericansDavid Bowie
The Edge of AmericaDuran Duran
I wonder what the piece is in the background to the right with an analog face dial...
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