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To collect or enjoy? I'd strive to do both - use two and preserve two if I were sitting on a Quad set.
Heaven KnowsDonna Summer
 With the Nation having much bigger Catfish in the Deep-fryer at the time, and all the suppliers scrambling to make, sale, supply glass however they could, it's a wonder they kept the few records they did. And when the solid state horizon loomed closer, many no longer cared. It'll be fun to see what I could dig up...perhaps a "Guest" badge and lunch in the corporate cafeteria. 
No Name Sir
When The World Is Running Down (You Make The Best Of What's Still Around)The Police
Clown WorldCherry Boom
Nnenna Freelon
I frequently drive past the Raytheon buildings near LAX. I should call/write and virtually poke around to see what I can turn up. 
@ gibosi   1 Ray only has 'W' marked and the other one matched to it from another batch only denotes WGT, no dual markings on mine.
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