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@ MattTCG    Great to see you reemerge, handling your affairs and still appreciating our vintage lovelies. 
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Not so fast. The whole "It's just 1's & 0's" or "Bits are bits" use to be the mantra and was based on what we knew about Digital Audio. The industry has since learned there's more to it than that.  And to be clear, I'm not suggesting one's system has to have high-end USB cables, overpriced USB cables to make it hop! I am suggesting for those holding on to that mantra to run out and employ generic USB cables, be they from printers, cameras, whatever...and be happy. At the...
Ah, the chorus of growing whispers inside your head. 
 Wait...this (in my BIG O) is about more than simply 1's & 0's. Cable length (think timing and errors) and construction will have something to say. No? Then choose any number of throw-a-way USB cables - name your gadget and you'll discover a USB cable included) in your system. Okay, for at least 30 days and report back, I mean who doesn't love to save money?!    Like running water, many of your experiences will vary, but...
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