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  Seems I may wanna shoot new pix of my HE-6 next 48 hours...
 You mean I can't get you to look at pix of my HE-6?
  Sheneka Adams "Selfie"
Come With MeTania Maria
Appreciate your sentiment. I really want to hear your Krell/HE-6 as reference. Recently sold the Sansui and currently working on packaging and shipping. But if you or you & Clemmaster wanna gather, I can always notify the buyer there's been a delay.   You sent me to the floor with this one!
 The "Selfie" from that Georgia Peach is Sheneka Adams...from Georgia   
Isley Brothers
Karen Mok
Your signature is looking really clean there...and impressive! Is the Forte hogging HE-6 duty or do you have the WA5 gettin' in on some of that action?
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