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You Must Be A Special LadyRay, Goodman & Brown
Tony Bennett
Seis Del Solar
 At some point I'm going to have to update one of the Wiki's regarding the history of vacuum tube amplifiers. To show and go: - Beyond its birth- Golden age- Wake of debris left by solid state chips- How the French and Japanese audio enthusiasts kept the technology on life support- Renewed American interest shown by Gordon Rankin and others - The explosion of head-fi- And how 2359glenn|studio took the art of vacuum tube amplification into the 21st Century.  
  Congrats...really love this shot! 
Inside the listening room, I mainly drink delicate Green tea followed by Red Tea for variety. Hardly reach for either Black or White. But with the Green teas I have in stock, they are meant to be enjoyed warm not hot. This may be more beneficial to one's digestive system anyway.  If so, more bang for the buck!
El Chicano
M'LadySly & The Family Stone
Golden Lady Stevie Wonder
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