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Tinsley Ellis
A Girl Like MeRihanna
  Love this track!
Southern Girl Frankie Beverly & Maze
Ronnie Milsap
To this day, I've yet to hear speakers out of my former Sansui G-22000 before selling it. It had always served headphones in my listening room and now I'm left wondering. At least the receiver's next stop there'll be plenty of speaker action. @ moodyrnHave you ever listened to the G-33000/22000 before?
I tend to delight in a variety of different Jasmine Pearls from different sources. I also enjoy Lung Ching Dragonwell from diff sources. And then there's those unknown samples that friends return with from China/Taiwan, where they return Stateside and share but then I forget the names. Some good, some great and some pedestrian. But I love the adventure of sampling. 
Lee Ritenour
Thin Line Between Love And HateThe Persuaders
I'm guessing we're not neighbors! 
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