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Yeah they sound interesting but they don't have that service in Hong Kong. I somehow wonder if it's possible to transfer 100% what you selected into CMIEM in real life.
Because one can't be sure what his CMIEM would sound like until they have been made and they will not sound exactly like the demoed pair. I've heard very different sounding UE 18 Pro demos from different shops since I had mine. At least with universals, I know exactly what I will be getting, and that was how I knew my AKR03 were faulty.
The only CFIEM I have were UE 18pro, fit was perfect but they put me off CFIEM for life, I personally find the AKR03 quite comfortable, not Westone comfortable but still good. They stick out a bit and are super heavy, as long as you don't go jogging or workout with them on they should be fine I think.
Just curious where you bought them from, I think it's a bit unreasonable for a shop to sell a pair of USD 1,700 IEMs without letting the customers tried them out first.So it means you don't really know what they actually sound like at all, the problem is that you might not like the sound signature. I've mentioned in an earlier post about how I loved the AKR03 when I heard the demo but the pair I bought sounded nothing like the demo, and eventually they were found to be...
Been using my AKR03 with my A240 for a couple of months now, I have to admit I actually much prefer the sound signature with the unbalanced cable. With the balanced cable, there seems to be a little boost in low mid which muddy up the overall sound. To me, the AKR03 sounds good with any player, from the humble iPod nano to the AK240.
I guess we all have different ears, to me, Westone's IEMs are the most comfortable, SE846 aren't bad at all but if the cable and the ear rests weren't so stiff, I wouldn't be able to keep them in my ears for long.SE846 are built like a tank, they'll probably survive even if they got run over by a lorry, but they are heavy but not too uncomfortable to wear, but nowhere near as comfortable as Westone IEMs in general. But then do they need to be built that tough? I used many...
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