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From what I understand, hi fedility is the reproduction of the original music as faithfully as possible. If one is not after tonal accuracy then there is no standard at all, and nothing is good or bad anymore. In that case, as long as one likes it, one can even argue that the beat solo are be the best headphones ever.
To me the 3 and the 4 are too bass heavy, the X is just right.
Lucky you! I had 4 pairs with dead drivers in 5 years.
Agreed, didn't like the 3, in fact I prefer my 2r2. The left driver of my X died so I thought I'd use the 3 while it's getting replaced and eventually I've been using the 2r2 since. Just can't get to like the 3, and the 4 to me sounded close. Not that they are bad, I just prefer flat FR and the X just sounded very close to my calibrated Genelec mons. ;-)
I think that's just an excuse, so many ppl have been saying if you find the HD800 lacking in bass with a treble peak, means that you're underpowering them. But the fact is that even running them with sennheiser's own HDVA 600, which is designed to use with them, it doesn't make a big difference. They have to even come up with the new HD800S to address the problems. If the LCD-4 are so hard to power, Audeze should release a special amp for them or recommend one. In theory,...
I demoed the LCD-4 last month with the Teac HA-501 B and didn't find them that great; didn't think they were a lot better than the LCD-3, a bit too bass heavy for my liking. However, they do sound quite amazing through the Fostex HVP-8, it made them sound more balanced with a lot of details and clarity in the higher frequencies. So I take it the coloration of the HPV-8 seems to work very well with the LCD-4, a good combo.
Do they? Last I heard they were giving away soft Proteous for free, pity that they didn't work on the Mac. Like how Lexicon used to dominate the pro digital reverb market and now they make budget audio interfaces. :-(
E-mu??? The same company that used to make samplers and sound modules??? Used to love their E-mu II and Proteous series so much, strange that they're making headphones now, a bit like how Fostex used to make multi track reel to reel I guess.
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