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I think they sound even better on tube amps with vintage valves.
I think the AKG K812 has great soundstage but not too piercing treble for any kind of music, including non-classical, even being unbalanced. They may not be the most accurate sounding headphones around, but they are a joy to listen to music with in my opinion.
I tried out some tests with the aluminiium K10 and Katana again today, apparently the aluminum K10 do sound quite different to my black K10, it has higher sensitivity, louder by around 4/5 dB and with more bass and sub bass frequencies, so the Katana actually sounds more similar to my K10 but with lower bass extension and much higher sensativity. Like I said before, the Katana does sound a little nicer in comparison, with a warmer and fuller sound signature. Think I'd do...
It's not really a technical specs problem, if you've never used the HD800 to listen to anything other than classical or opera music then that's fine, but a pair of headphones that is labeled as reference monitors shouldn't have attenuated bass or a spiking peak at 6k. I do think the HD800 is perfect for classic music, so maybe they should advertise them for classical music listening only as they do sound terrible with non classical or acoustic music in general.
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