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True for me at least, that's why mines been sitting in its box for the last 3 years gathering dust.
HD800 certainly has the edge in details, but it lacks bass big time, unfortunately.
"This opportunity is only open to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 years of age or older at the time of entry (or the minimum age required in your state of residence). Void where prohibited." According to the site.
I treat all my IEMs the same way and the UM3s and the Pro 30 were the least expensive of them all apart from the UM2, which are still working. The only IEMs that I had cable problems with were the SE530 and UM2.
Thanks, interesting article. But the problem with my UM3s and Pro 30 wasn't really distortion and loss of volume, basically the drivers just went dead suddenly.
I had my UM Pro 30 for nearly a year now and since 2 months ago the right driver started acting up. The volume attenuatetes a little at first then occasionally stopped working for a while, and getting worse. If that happened, I could sometimes fix it by shaking it a little to banging it gentle onto the wall or a table. Then eventually it stopped working completely a month ago. Fortunately, they were still under warranty and I got a new pair from the distributor, no...
Whichever version sounds best is very subjective in a way. Someone like Brian Eno, who is a very experimental producer, did a lot of unconventional things for the production of U2's LPs, like fading in the intro of a song in mono and using a lot of lo fi techniques. The remasters could be technically better but not necessarily better artistically. An example would be the 25th anniversary surround mix of Queen's 'A Night At the Opera', of course technically, it's superior...
I have them both, I didn't like the SE846 fit at first and the cables are so stiff, but after tightening up with the cable tie, they fit well and are quite comfortable. W60 are better of course but the SE846 don't suck at all, better than the Roxanne and way way better the the Noble K10 IMO.
Most monitors are neutral but unfortunately most listening environments aren't , so studios do EQ thier monitors, and most monitors have built in EQ and calibration system nowadays. Having said that, I'd rather not need to EQ my headphones if I don't have to.
Same here, had 5 different pairs of um3x/RC and now the Pro 30. Maybe something else can beat them in terms of clarity, details or soundstage, but nothing can beat the SE846 in terms of bass, not K3003, not IE800, not Noble K10U, not Roxanne, not W60, not LCD-2/3, not K812.Yeah, like the Pro 50 which have a lot of sub bass than sub bass, all it does is making them very muddy sounding. The W60 can produce slightly lower sub bass I found, maybe 1 or 2 Hz lower but they don't...
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