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Mine were gold, I think the default is supposed to be gold.
That's the whole point, natural 3D environment has no audio compression. If it's in 24bit, that's 144dB, a lot more dynamic than what human can hear. Even with 96dB, it is already more than what most ppl can hear. Most contemporary CDs have less than 10dB dynamic range.Besides, it would be hard to find a listening environment with under 40 dB ambient noise in the first place, so in practice, over 30 dB is more than enough IMO.
Depends on where he plugs it into ;-D
To be honest, even if the price tags were reversed I'd still go for the K812 any day. The HD800 are possibly my least used over ear phones.
Maybe it's not necessary, I just got the new T1 90th anniversary edition in balanced, and the K812 easily beat them hands down in terms of soundstage and openness.
Probably, but there was nothing I could have done about it. ;-)
I must admit I wasn't too impressed when I first compared it with my K812 with the T1 right out of the box. Even though the soundstage was impressive, much wilder and with more details than my LCD-X/3, there was some strange incoherence between the highs and the lows, it's as if the highs and lows were coming out of 2 difference systems, kind of hard to explain, and also the treble seemed a bit harsh. I was running tnem through my Pioneer U-05 balanced with some acoustic...
I very much doubt the U900s would sound anything near to the SE846, my UE900s are bass shy and the SE846 have plenty of it and in excellent quality too. If the UERM are supposed to be reference monitors, I doubt the U900s would sound like them either. Not that the U900s are bad, just a bit bass light.
I thought so too until I got an expensive after market balanced cable for my W60 to use with the AK240, the difference is quite significant. The soundstage becomes super wide and the it adds a lot of warmness to the sound in general. But whether one thinks it's an improvement depends on the genre and the taste of the individual. For a lot of new age and ambient electronic music, it's definitely an improvement for me. As for other types of music, especially with vocals and...
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