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I think it's hard to judge the SQ of IEM with FR graphs as the shape and size of the ear canal can change the treble and high mids FR.
You really should, even though the Roxanne universal do sound different to the custom or the AKR03, they shouldn't sound anything less than good, there must be some problem with them. Like I said my first AKR03 were faulty, the distributor had to do some tests to confirm that one or of the BA drivers in the right channel were faulty. Definitely should send them back or have them replaced.
W60 may not have bass as punchy as the SE846 but they have just as much low extension, they have super smooth heights but definitely not bass light. If you want something with great clarity but bass light, try the UE900s.
Are yours custom or universal? My first pair of AKR03 were faulty and they did sound bad. If just one of the twelve drivers was out of tuned, they would sound terrible.
My AKR03 may not sound perfect before burning in but they still sounded excellent right out of the box, were the ones you heard faulty?
In my opinion, not all IEMs change with burning in, for example: Westone UM3, but the Roxanne sure do. Probably due to the fact it has 12 BA drivers per channel with 4 tuned in unison per band. I think it's quite hard to do that because if just one of the 4 drivers is off tuned slightly there will be serious phasing problem, especially with the treble ones, probably that's what happened to my first pair of AKR03 which got replaced. My second pair initially had some slight...
Yeah they sound interesting but they don't have that service in Hong Kong. I somehow wonder if it's possible to transfer 100% what you selected into CMIEM in real life.
Because one can't be sure what his CMIEM would sound like until they have been made and they will not sound exactly like the demoed pair. I've heard very different sounding UE 18 Pro demos from different shops since I had mine. At least with universals, I know exactly what I will be getting, and that was how I knew my AKR03 were faulty.
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