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Selling my Sennheiser Momentum Over-ear headphones. Price: $140 + shipping to CONUS (Paypal only) Compare:  Amazon link Heatware Link   Condition:  9.5/10 (see photos) Hours used:  ~50hrs burn-in with white/pink/brown noise + ~50hrs actual usage time Extras included:  original box, original carrying case, original smart cable with swiveling 3.5mm jack (still new) Not included:  original "dumb" cable (misplaced it right before I decided to sell) Impressions: Among the...
These are the original ones.  The new ones are not out yet and will probably retail close to $300.
I was thinking the same  
wow that's quite the comprehensive list!   I honestly don't think 1000$ makes economical sense for anyone other than an audiophile with extremely acute hearing (my friend and I are ordinary people).  Personally I would be more concerned about build quality because anything above 500$ should sound "good enough" (right?).  I'm really not educated in the way of audio.  I've tried to pick up on it but forums like these are simply incomprehensible to me.  Where can a...
My friend told me today that he wants to buy the best set of IEMs money can buy. He is using AKG K701s right now, but will be needing some small, noise isolating IEMs for his new office environment. He said he is willing to pay for the JH Audio JH13 Pro because he thinks he will never need anything else after he gets them. I think he is somewhat overly intrigued with audio and is not being practical. He currently only listens to 192kbps Pandora and I already told...
I don't think it's possible to set up a decent surround system on a laptop.  I think your best bet is to use an expresscard like the Echo Indigo IOx.  With powerful laptops like that Sager, you probably have background hissing in the audio signal and that can be eliminated with the Indigo.  I used to own a monster sized Alienware m7700 and an Echo Indigo IO (PCMCIA version) worked wonders for it.  Even if the price looks steep, it's not a bad investment considering the...
New Posts  All Forums: