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Wow, that looks really nice. I think I might get one to try it out!
Found these interesting graphs. They are the FR measurements from Unique Melody. Top one is Mentor, bottom one is an universal Angie reshelled by UM. Bass setting was on minimum.  
What I believe is that natural sound we hear is not as "distortion free" as we think. By the time the sound traveled to our ears it is already quite distorted. As DACs improve, their quality improves and their distortion becomes much lower than before, and detail retrieval improves greatly too. When we hear music like this, it will sound unnatural since normally we would not be able to hear this amount of detail. Thus the old DACs with less resolution and vinyl discs are...
Personally I'm not a fan of vents on BA either. Tried both and found that I tend to like the sound of the non-vented version better.   I compared a CI22955 vented and non vented. Frequency wise the vented version is louder in the bass. But it was only a quick scan since I accidentally removed the solder on the center tap of one of them, and I filled the hole up afterwards, so I don't have a pic. 
That dip is in the 3kHz zone though, that isn't the mids anymore, it is the treble area.
Interesting curve. I would expect the 215 to sound clearer than how it actually sounds... 
IMO, The CI bass has a very nice punch to it, while the HODVTEC is sort of soft. 
Yes it's made by sonion.   You can actually buy the FX650 drivers (or what looks like the 650 drivers) off taobao, haha.
Warm mids will probably with the Sonion 3300 series :P
The W5000 sounds MUCH better on the HA5000 than on the m-Stage. The sound becomes much clearer and less muffled. Bass quantity improves and treble doesn't sound as harsh. Soundstage is noticeably larger too. W3000anv is definitely more technically competent than the W5000, but personally I prefer the sweeter midrange and the more standing out vocals of the W5000 than to the slightly dryer vocals of the W3000.    My friend on the other hand said the W3000 sounded much...
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