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Oh no, I was talking about the GR. But its good to know about the GD too. However the GD is too expensive to get my hands on them...minimum order of 14.
 Oh, thanks! I would have thought 4400 and GD looked the same haha. Are there any adverse effects breaking their original connections and connecting them in parallel instead?
Is the Knowles GR a similar version of the Sonion E50D? They seem to look the same size wise and measurements wise. 
Heh read the first part "group buys and group builds (of DIY products) are not allowed" and skipped the second. I guess it's meant to be interpreted as group buy as a whole is not allowed except select cases rather than group buys of and builds of DIY products are not allowed.
It says DIY products are not allowed. Sonion drivers are not DIY products but branded and trademarked goods which should not get restricted.
I've gotta say...the sound from Sonion drivers are so warm and enjoyable. Just the right warmth too, and not sluggish at all. Knowles drivers sounds so harsh in comparison.
If you're getting it off Taobao, there's also one with 3 Crystek clocks that is more expensive. Not sure how it is.
From Mouser, at an very expensive price...
Space isn't an issue for the tubes actually. It's just that the shells I have are quite shallow and I can't stick a CI driver in the shell vertically (hope this makes sense...). I can fit a horn in it next time actually, it's just that this time I didn't have the right diameter tubes for it.   I'm using three tubes, one for CI , one for 3300, and one for the SWFK+GR31587 - the GR31587 is defaulted to series, but i broke that default connection and connected it in...
Yeah I changed the GR driver to parallel wiring, which made it go weirdly in phase with the rest of the drivers. But it makes it a very nice tweeter, rather than a midrange/tweeter before.  I couldn't fix the phase probably due to the 3300 mixing with the GR.    I didn't have space for any dampers as the shell wasn't big enough unfortunately...Gonna order some custom humongous sized universal shells next time.   Always have room for improvements next time!...
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