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The guy apparently copied a IEC711 and used a similar microphone that has comparable performance for DIY use. From my ARTA tests with my UERM the performance seems to be quite well. It only requires your computer to have a sound card that is nice and flat.
I hesitated before since the seller told me it is borderline illegal. But anyways, hopefully DIYers can benefit from this before anything happens.
The stainless steel chunk with the microphone inside is the 711 that can record the actual frequency response without the need to compensate right :P?   If you can buy things off China I can recommend a very good tool for DIY measurements
I think you can just leave it open? Blocking the hole gives a difference sound too :P The DTEC will probably stick out of the shell for me, don't think it will be suitable unfortunately 
I think the driver war is pretty stupid...some single drivers are much bigger than some dual drivers used, and sound better in the same application IMO. But it is hard to find companies that uses those drivers since they want to stuff more drivers in now :\
I'll see if I can fit a DTEC in, if not I'll probably use a BK or HC and hope they're good. I took out the ED23147, and looking at the space that was created, it can fit around 1.5x the ED driver. Using three ED drivers together gave a very bad peak at 2kHz for me, but I really like the clarity and details of the ED driver.    Edit: I think the vented HODTEC has a really nice soft bass compared to the CI driver?  
I'm scared the driver might be a bit big, as well as the bass added on to the CI might go overboard. Is your bass fine when using both together? :P
Somehow my ED23147 died, gonna have to get a new one before I can continue. Are there any drivers good in the bass department that are smaller than the CI? I'd like to try some of them out. I saw the HC2376x series and the BK series seems to be fitting. Maybe even the DTEC/TEC, but that's probably too much bass when used with the CI.
Haven't tested yet, very busy recently. Will give a description tomorrow and see if I can smooth it a bit :P    From what I see from the driver config, the ED and WBFK are flipped in phase to the CI, which should be what's causing the 3k dip. Should I flip them back or is the dip currently acceptable. 
Flipped the WBFK, pushed it back a bit to give it a bit of 'horn' design, and got this :P Although a 5 driver one is incredibly difficult to make, but making it is surely really fun. Also summer is really the only time I have to make this, since when I start working in Autumn I will have no time at all :(  Edit: I'll try and tame the 4k and 5k peaks. If nothing works I'll flip both the ED and the WBFK to see what happens.   [[SPOILER]]
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