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This is the 5 driver one I've been tuning. The >10kHz part changes dramatically depending on the position of the WBFK driver which has made it a nightmare for me to tune. Also I can't seem to get rid of the ditch at 3kHz...but I think that part isn't too bad since the ear canal resonance frequency is ~3-4kHz? [[SPOILER]]
My laptop definitely gives fatter bass. I believe its tuned this way. 
I just use the ZX1 :P Portable amps are too bulky. At home I use the HA5000, but this amp is quite colored. The GQ is a WBFK + which ED driver? Have you tried the HODTEC?
That would certainly be nice to know! If the GQ works well I'd like to use it.
I usually get a dip at around 9/10kHz, but my WBFK have ~1cm of space to move around, which I have been testing which position works best.
But your design didn't use the ED29689. WBFK always create a dip in the frequency response when used together with that driver as Peter said.
WBFK can be fitted properly I think by changing the distance the driver is from your ear :P But matching this between left and right ear is difficult
I never destroyed any, but getting rid of the dips caused by using that driver takes a lot of patience...I can't even tell if it brings out extra details in the high frequency either LOL
Using the WBFK is pure annoyance -.- Probably will never want to use it again...
Ah, so that's what you use. Thanks! 
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