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I have a opaque black faceplate, and it looks pretty good sanded and matte :P
Man there are so many drivers I see being put on sale that I can't find the datasheets to. Even some 6xxxx drivers by Knowles can be found on Taobao! I couldn't find any information on the DTEC-30811
I find it easier to use a protruding plug like UE. I would sand it a bit and then the UE default cable will be able to fit on the plug. This also creates more space in the shell to place drivers.
   Just spend quite a few hours sanding the entire thing. Looks quite nice matted black actually! wjp007: does that method actually get a even coat of polish? :O
You can squeeze the dampers into smaller tubings depending on tubing material. 
What I mean by residue is that when I glue the face place onto the shell I often accidentally spill them during the curing, causing them to solidify on places I don't want.
Oh my god that purple one is mesmerizing! 
Interesting, you would think such a small driver would have better highs :P The Knowles FK series I feel really makes the highs more detailed and airy.
The HODVTEC I used gave a fat bass which I didn't like. I preferred the CI's clean and punchy bass, and also thought that the details from the CI was more refined. My 5 driver combination sounds very clear and detailed, with extremely hard hitting bass that is also clean (not sure if that is a good thing...but it sounds good for me). Resolution is superb, and I think I will make another one just like this in the future but better quality (no need to tune as much). I never...
Wow really? CI gives a punchy bass doesn't it? The HODVTEC seems to be a bit...fat in terms of bass. Does the GQ have a built in x-over?
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