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I see, thanks for the suggestions. How do they compare to the DACs you reviewed?
Yeah, that's a big no for me if it can't stream over network. Wonder if there are any good music servers out there.
It says on the site that it has WiFi capabilities, or is that just for transferring files?! I saw a Japanese blog where the person changed its internal HDD into a SSD.   Not being able to be used as a DAC from the computer is making me not want to get it unfortunately...
Anyone got a Sony HAP-Z1ES to compare to the rest despite the price differences? 
I use the W3000anv and the UERM with an external mic - ATH-ATR2500. Works really well, high quality sound for me and my friends can hear me clearly when I chat.
Any chance there'll be a custom version? :O
I had mine for a year now and its bass quantity definitely increased. Though even though I feel like I have a perfect seal, pushing the IEMs further into my ear gives much better bass. It would seem like these are VERY sensitive to seal and fit in the ear.   When I tried on the demos, the amount of bass was very good. The brand new CIEM I received a year ago had pretty small bass for me, but it definitely improved now.
Can this be hooked to my power amp, replacing my pre-amp? o.O
The Neutrik ones look hideous to me, honestly.    I saw some that looks pretty cool, but have no idea what brand. Can't remember what amp has them though...its a full metal hexagon shape, sort of look like a screw?
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