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But when you stick a 28ohm resistor on it like the UERM, the bass decay doesn't seem to be that long. The HODVTEC has a super long bass decay though. It felt very muddy if I only use a damper on it and no resistors.
I'm more concerned if the distortion will jump up like the 3800 series or the HODVTEC. Vented bass does sound nice, and the extra bass can be tamed by resistors. Though I guess if I have to use resistors there's no point in venting it.   Thanks for your help :)
Hey got a question. You know how there's a left over solder pad when you connect your CI22955? What happens if you remove the pad and leave the hole open?   I accidentally left the hole open once and it gave a huge bass response. I couldn't find what's wrong for a long time until I saw the hole and close it up with solder. I wonder if leaving it open would sound good...
That's what I said before isn't it? :P
I remember a low pass acoustic filter is a narrow tube with larger chambers along the way, so the Penta probably has acoustic low pass for its bass drivers.
You really can't compare to that graph though, the peak shifts with different tubes length, material, and diameter.
3800 is louder in the lower regions and has a huge vent. If I use the 3800 I'll have to stick resistors on it since the bass is much too boomy for my tastes.
Does the 3700 series have a noticeable bass boost compared to the 3300 series?   Also, can't the bass drivers be smoothed with resistors? The CI driver smooths really nicely with the 28ohm resistor.
Most of the ones I asked were out of stock actually, despite them being shown as in stock.
 Taobao's 33A007 are sold out :\ Only have the 33AE011 left...Their 3800s are only available in larger quantities too. 
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