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The graph...looks fine? o.O   Also I didn't decide on the drivers yet, but I figured that there was a way to use that arctan phase formula to work this out?
If I have a first order resistor-capacitor low pass filter, how should it be wired in comparison to the other drivers, say a tweeter with a first order high pass filter?
Wow those cables! Hope you fix the bass this time :D
Wow a really nice looking hybrid! Wouldn't adding another 29689 solve the issue though? Did you limit the dynamic driver to bass frequencies only through the crossover? I'd think the RAB drivers sound nice or Unique Melody wouldn't be using them.   Can get my hands on some GR31587 to try out as some mid range drivers. Hope they sound nice :P   Did you guys see the Sony custom? Interesting how it uses a Sonion 2356 instead of its own BA drivers
On the Chinese headphone forums someone also hinted of a custom made headphone by Sony similar to the Q010. Not sure how reliable this information is however.
From what I read, it is 1(or 2)BA+1DD, and it will be priced at JPY280,000.
Seems to be a single balanced armature with a single dynamic. Hope the sound is worth the price though.
Sony Engineering Corp. just revealed a custom hybrid IEM made by them called "Just Ears", at 280,000 yen! It has three tuning styles apparently.
Hifiman does indeed have a prototype of their new Electrostats out - nicknamed 'Jade 2' by some forum member in the Chinese forums since there was no official name. Only a few people have heard it so far and there's no official announcement.
 Even for mids? What about RAB-31761?
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