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IMO, The CI bass has a very nice punch to it, while the HODVTEC is sort of soft. 
Yes it's made by sonion.   You can actually buy the FX650 drivers (or what looks like the 650 drivers) off taobao, haha.
Warm mids will probably with the Sonion 3300 series :P
The W5000 sounds MUCH better on the HA5000 than on the m-Stage. The sound becomes much clearer and less muffled. Bass quantity improves and treble doesn't sound as harsh. Soundstage is noticeably larger too. W3000anv is definitely more technically competent than the W5000, but personally I prefer the sweeter midrange and the more standing out vocals of the W5000 than to the slightly dryer vocals of the W3000.    My friend on the other hand said the W3000 sounded much...
Interesting ceramic plated drivers
It seems like they use the same drivers in 1 and 2 and the only difference is that for 2 you choose one preset sound type, and for 1 they customize the sound to your preference. 
Oh no, I was talking about the GR. But its good to know about the GD too. However the GD is too expensive to get my hands on them...minimum order of 14.
 Oh, thanks! I would have thought 4400 and GD looked the same haha. Are there any adverse effects breaking their original connections and connecting them in parallel instead?
Is the Knowles GR a similar version of the Sonion E50D? They seem to look the same size wise and measurements wise. 
Heh read the first part "group buys and group builds (of DIY products) are not allowed" and skipped the second. I guess it's meant to be interpreted as group buy as a whole is not allowed except select cases rather than group buys of and builds of DIY products are not allowed.
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