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I would really love to hear that o.o    It looks totally awesome!
Wow that does look a lot better than before!
Glad you fixed it! What does the fixed measurements look like?
  Wouldn't recommend this though, you won't get enough treble with this driver.
  It's not better if you want to do it on the move though. A switch with 2 different configs would be more convenient.
I got that one but it's too big unfortunately. The ones used by Lime Ears and Vision Ears are much smaller, wonder where they got them.
I actually wanted to use a switch since the VR is much too annoying to adjust when you're on the move. Some songs I like with more bass and some I like with less. So I wanted to try using a switch but I never could find switches that small...   Edit: Knowles seem to only have push switches, darn.
Thank you so much! I'm gonna go take a look at them.
Does anyone know where to get that switch used on the Aether and Vision Ears VE6? I'd like to try switching between different tunings but I can't seem to find it on mouser.
 I know that the most popular two are the QDC 5 and 8. I'll need to read more to find out the difference between the 3 tunings (studio, live, and something else...). I do know that 5 is the bassier one with a pop tuning, and that its resolution is noticeably worse than 8. 8 is, from what I read, a detail monster, and the tuning is very top heavy and will be harsh with certain tracks. I've never actually heard the two though. The information I have is from reading reviews...
New Posts  All Forums: