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Wow I really didn't expect 0.4ohms to make such a big difference.   I really like that transparent nozzle, think that looks very nice :P
But 0.4ohm should barely change the sound no? Changing the cable probably will have the same effect.
 Can I ask why did you use two resistors in series like that?
 Interesting - would leaving an air hole in the shell like the hybrid ones have the same effect on the vented BA as an open shell?
 Is it that the bass decay is slightly longer on one of them?
Hmm...then it's probably a phase difference?
 That's actually really useful to know, thanks! So Type II and Type III will result in less bass. For the faceplate issue, I never had response differences for the bass part. However, I found that there is a difference in measured high freq response when I filled the shell up with resin and when I have a hollow shell. It seems like when the tubes are completely covered in resin, this increases high frequency response.
 I'd prefer not to use dampers though, as I usually don't use a PVC/Silicon tube :P Seems like the value of the cap on the low pass must be quite big for it to be effective.
 Were you able to get rid of the ~1kHz peak for the HODVTEC using crossovers? That peak is worse than the CI22955.
 Same for me, Hong Kong's weather is not good for keeping these wood and leather cans around. Was worried that they might break so I thought about selling them, but I can't bear to lose that lovely lacquer.
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