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Haha, glad you fixed it. The same thing happened to me before when I didn't seal the nozzle properly.
The seal between the tubing and the nozzle might be leaking. 
Even when volume is muted? Is your source alright? It might be just that the BA are more sensitive to noise. Or your home power source is badly wired? I have constant static issues with my speakers too, but when I unplug the laptop power source it goes away. My problem can't be heard using headphones though.
I remember I didn't really like the CW's bass. It sounded a bit like plastic barrels, while the UERM can actually articulate more "proper" bass. Different to you, I actually found the CW's sound to be smoother overall. 
 I did briefly compare the two at a shop in Hong Kong quite a while ago. From what I remember, the L05Q demo is more laid back than the UERM? the biggest impression it left on me was that it was very effortless, and the separation is top notch. Bass is much lighter than the UERM and it sounds closer to the ER4 in this regard. Everything else is quite similar. I didn't have a long enough listen to pick out the differences in details and anything specific. 
L-05QD is a BA IEM that sounds closest to an electrostatic headphone imo. Effortless portrayal of sound.
Actually it only only advertised as a 35th anniversary product in China...Everywhere else it was just a high end music player.
I've always wondered about the marketing of those companies... Some claim that they use only acoustic crossovers so there will be no distortion from passive components. Others claim that complex passive crossovers are used to maximize performance of the driver in a specific frequency range.   Which one is true?
Tube (tube for electron tube and not tube for tube of toothpaste or tube shaped pipes) and Gall Bladder in Chinese is the same word haha
I used stainless steel tubes in my IEMs that I made, but the nozzle is always too small to put a very big metal tube in :\
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