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Those are some very very expensive sockets LOL
I don't want to use MMCX since all of my upgrade cables are using the 0.78mm pins. It will be too pricey and annoying to change them all to MMCX. I've used some very high quality 0.78mm ones before, but then shipping from China to Hong Kong isn't that cheap too as they have to get past immigration and taxes. 
Hmm I guess mouser doesn't stock them then. It'll be cheaper and easier to get it off mouser than null audio for me.
I've been wondering, can you get the westone/jh sockets on mouser?
 Ooh interesting! Does the WBFK also have the same problem? I didn't choose the TWFK because the description mentioned about it being coupled with a low frequency FK, which I thought should work as a full range rather than a tweeter :P Would the TWFK be loud enough for the response in the 10kHz+ regions? Thanks for your input, there's no discouraging at all :P
Thanks! I actually really liked the GR for highs, but not sure if there would be enough extension if I didn't use the SWFK. The ~6kHz peak of SWFK is very difficult to deal with. Also the 10cm tube was very hard to fit into the shell :P   I would actually like to ask about which drivers were sub optimal in the config, and which I should improve on? I'd like to get a general driver config and then play around with XOs to improve sound.
I got them off Mouser actually. They were very expensive but I can get them reimbursed. 
Yup, I don't like making shells, too annoying - getting them online is faster and their quality is really good too.
I just completed another universal - was pretty interesting to make. I used a GR31587 which I've never seen before. Luckily it seems to sound pretty good.  Drivers used: HODVTEC31618, BK26824, GR31587, SWFK31736 I used a 1mm teflon tube each for the GR and SWFK, and merged into a 2.5mm diameter stainless steel tube. A 1mm teflon tube was used for the BK. I also used a 10cm long 0.5mm silicon tube for low pass filter on the HODVTEC, which resulted at a cutoff at around...
 I haven't used one yet. I've only been using the HODVTEC as a subwoofer. I also tried the HODVTEC as a mid range and it worked alright. the BK drivers seems to have thinner and more laid back mids. Not sure if I'm right.
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