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They're really clear :P    Though it's hard to get a good fit on these custom-universal shells. Will try to post a graph tomorrow, its 4am here! There's the phase cancellation problem with WBFK and ED drivers, and a dip at 1k due to the ED crossover being too high.
  The completed HODVTEC+ED+WBFK one!
-.-   But shifting the WBFK position really affects the frequency graph
I feel like there are three drivers that just phase cancels another one out no matter what phase they're on xD
Eh that shouldn't work o.O If there's a mismatch I'd imagine switching polarity to only work for multiple drivers. I usually remove a driver from testing to see if the problem still stays. 
I that is why my WBFK and ED combinations always show phase cancelling despite me wiring them correctly. On ARTA is there anyway to test for phase? 
HODVTEC has uber bass output, and its the nice and soft type too. DWFK is the updated TWFK that uses the new SWFK super tweeter with 10db higher output or something right?
Damn it, thanks :P I have white dampers on them! I think the tubing might have been a liiiiittle too short...With the phase flipped I can't actually hear a problem LOL Maybe slightly incoherent between left and right ear...   For the CI driver, my seller insists that with the engraving facing up, the left is negative and right is positive. But from what I read from the datasheet, that should be true with the engraving facing down? Which one is correct?
[[SPOILER]]  I flipped the phase of the ED driver didn't I...
LOL omg that is a massive piece of blutack. Most annoying thing right now is to solder all the wires onto the socket. One wire solders, the other one comes off...Need to get better wires that can actually twist together.
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