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According to the Chinese (if their grammar is correct), Layla will be the 8 driver, and Angie will be the 12 driver.
Some of those Sonion drivers have Knowles "equivalents" I believe
My UERM cannot compete with any of my full sized headphones I own unfortunately. It might do well in imaging but never in resolution.
Wow! Looks like a very snug fit :)
22uf in series is high pass, so frequencies below 500Hz will be cut off.
You can change the design if you email them I think. I've seen people with UERMs that had custom designs.
Need that Micro gloss abrasive...tried a lot of different polishes but they don't work :\   Edit: So I looked it up here online, and I can get it off taobao, but is this one the same as yours?
I still haven't found the wax to polish the shells with :P
The wood looks so nice, I'm jealous 
The superglue stuff certainly isn't pleasant. Stings your eyes and nose even with the best brands you buy. Preferably I wouldn't use them but then the acrylic snaps too easily.
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