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On Taobao there are tens of hundreds of CIEM DIYers and even more BA UIEM makers. It's literally impossible to try them all out.
@piotrus-g that dip in the first graph you posted looks like the graphs of one of the Ocharaku IEM haha
Does it matter which rail (+ve or -ve) you put the resistor on?  I though all the resistor does will be to lower the volume of the ED driver.
 I posted the Chinese one before, think it was a few pages back. There is a big difference it seems haha :P  [[SPOILER]]
I use stainless steel when possible and it seems to sound better to me imo too. But if you use it for all of your drivers it'll either strongly limit your driver positioning or make your IEM shell huge.
I received the IEC711 from Aihua a few weeks back. This was my previous 7 driver measured with the ESI U22XT sound card. I'd say it sounds more like what I'm hearing from the IEM compared to the Chinese imitation 711.  
But it uses a single Mid driver. At a low price, it'll probably be an EF or BK, as on Taobao you can buy used drivers in bulk for cheap.
Composite middle high frequency 31749 BA; +very high frequency 30095 BA; +120Ω middle frequency BA; 10MM dynamic driver speaker.   TWFK31749 is a dual driver. WBFK30095 is a single super tweeter. I think 120ohm means that the DC resistance or stated impedance of the mid driver is 120ohm. 
Oh my god they're beautiful! Did they sound better after the mod?
Wow, they also have some self designed drivers too. I wonder how they sound.
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