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Need that Micro gloss abrasive...tried a lot of different polishes but they don't work :\   Edit: So I looked it up here online, and I can get it off taobao, but is this one the same as yours?
I still haven't found the wax to polish the shells with :P
The wood looks so nice, I'm jealous 
The superglue stuff certainly isn't pleasant. Stings your eyes and nose even with the best brands you buy. Preferably I wouldn't use them but then the acrylic snaps too easily.
@Mython: If its very little, even less than a drop, it should be fine. I understand UM uses superglue to stick the tubes on too?   @CMOS1138: That's interesting, I'll definitely keep that in mind. I'm also not planning to use filters. So I guess I'll get both and see which one is less peaky.
I used the end of a toothpick to dab some super glue on and I find that it works better than acrylic, which tends to break when you bend it a little. With a toothpick you can stick the tube on with very little super glue and it won't run all over the place.
 I remember that the driver positioning in the FreqPhase version of the JH16 has a lot to do with the perfect phase alignment they have right? If you make it into universal shell I'm sure the entire FreqPhase thing will be messed up.  I'm worried that might make the bass too loud. I can also use 37AP015 or 33AL007 as mids.
I was wondering, if I'm using the HODTEC driver for bass, would BK drivers (such as BK28507) be a good driver for mids? Planning to use SWFK/WBFK as tweeters, but they paired quite poorly with the ED29689 that I usually would like to use - a small change in positioning can cause a big change in phase cancelling. 
RAB is a full range driver iirc.   I didn't really like putting the filters on. It seemed to make the sound slightly muddier. I'm trying to find ways of implementing acoustic filters better. 
Try just drilling one big hole and then fill the gaps up with acrylic after you stick the tubes in.
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