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Where can you buy the TWF11R for less than 100 dollars? musicaaccoustics?
  Brotherhood or first series?
As a last resort, I remember my Gmail used to not work when I set "Identify as" option to anything that's not Opera (Identify as Firefox. Identify as Internet Explorer). That is a status panel that can be added if you go to Appearance, Buttons, Status, and drag the "Identify as" to the status bar (I really don't know where to find that option in another place..) If this doesn't do it, I give up
Here you go:   Display: + Selected: Enable frames, Enable inline frames, Enable styling of forms, EnableStyling of scrollbars + Unselected: Show active frame border Presentation Modes: - Author mode:  + Selected: Page style sheet, Page fonts and colors, My style sheet,My link style  + Unselected: My fonts and colors - User mode:  + Selected: My style sheet,My fonts and colors,My link style  + Unselected: Page style sheet, Page fonts and colors - Default: Author   Hope...
Are these still available? Either way PM'd
Awesome movie. Almost made me forget the **** that they did with Endless Eight...almost...
Just finished The Dark Tower by King, getting ready to take a shot at A Song of Fire and Ice series now, if amazon ever allows me to
I think jaben.net have a couple combos for sale, but I doubt that might interest you...
If you think that "Strong and Deep Bass maybe wont be the best purchase for me", I guess you can pretty much remove the first two options..Eterna and Genesis are very bassy, more than the Klipsch... For the price range, i'd say best options are Head-Direct RE0 and Sunrise SW Xcape...
Been using Opera for a couple years...it's the only browser that impresses me with its innovation. Also, it's one of the easiest to use when you don't really want to use the mouse ( yeah, I'm that lazy sometimes...), just scroll and read..that alone makes it hard for me to move to other browsers, due to the lacking shortcuts
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