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Payment via Paypal has been received.  Thanks suntorytime.  This beautiful amp will be ship out first thing in the morning.  Thread is closed    
Hey Headfi: Hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July weekend. I'm letting go of my SILVER  Corda STAGEDAC because I'm more interested now in speakers.  It is in great condition. 9/10. A bit dusty but there's no scratch on it.  I bought this amp from BrianMendoza. Here is the link:   Sold to me as $630 in brand new condition   I would like to sell it back for $500 included shipping. Paypal as...
You're in luck... I'm thinking of selling mine.  If you live near my area and willing to pick up, we can work out something
sorry guys since brianmendoza is not coming, i don't feel like coming either... have fun
on other note, i can bring the STAGEDAC to pair with BrianMendoza's Concerto
hey guys, is it okay if i just bring my 4 conductor 8' norse audio cable? I live in Los Angeles so I don't want to damage my equipment... and maybe sit with BrianMendoza to let people try out the stock vs norse audio cable on the LCD2
Audeze LCD2_Made in Las Vegas, Nevada?
I'm interested. I have never heard either model prior.   My current main system is :LCD2 >Woo Audio 6SE Amp >Meir ConcertoStageDAC > flac files on my computer My first entry system is HD650>MK Little Dot IV SE Amp I would test these on my main system, and also use them with my ipod.   I listen to all music, recently mostly POP and HIP HOP    
I don't have the sound card you have but I have the Xfi Fatality Gamer Series and I have my amp plug into there. Volume current set at 65% on my sound tool bar. I think you can leave the volume at 50% then use the amp to control the volume
LCD2+Bannana Stand
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