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I'm not going to rant on these like a head-fi newb that I am. instead I'll compliment them because they really look shiny. the chrome makes it look more like jewelry than equipment.    if I didn't know better, i would probably save up for these.
wow. I'm very guilty of this... and I regretted the day I used them while commuting. it's not the nonexistent Isolation nor the thick twisty wires. It's because of the way they press on your ears. that and wearing them inside the train during rush hour.   *shudders*   I will never do that again.   Back to topic: people with beats studios in the mall. these cans getting more and more common nowadays.
right at this moment, i choose the L3000s simply because of the leather. 
the grado headphone line has a good reputation when it comes to metal so you should consider them.   the only grado that i have is the SR225 and it's serving me well, but people find it's SQ a little too smooth for metal.  since you have the RS1i in your choices, you should give them a try.
Ya got PM.
^^ I'm Having quite a hard time imagining that.   @OP: You should try the sony XB500. for cans that are less than $100, they sound like you're in a nightclub (FWIR), they're comfy (but they get hot) and they look cool... and by cool I mean GIGANTIC WHEELS ON YOUR HEAD KIND OF COOL. 
My friend had some issues with the SRH750's headband (they snapped at the adjuster). I can say that they do feel kinda flimsy, since they creak.
note to self: get an AMP, some more wooden cans, and a new computer.
mind you though that the SRH750's headband (which is flat) will be nagging on your head on long listening sessions. overall, this is a great headphone for it's price.
is that so? ... now I know more! 
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