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 They have excellent isolation.
 Ah!  Where is Val?  Val, if you see this, can you sincerely throw out another sweet discount code for the M-100? =D
 Can't find it on their website...mind looking for it?
Does anybody know if v-moda currently has a special discount going on for the M-100?
Yeah, I contacted V-Moda about this and they said they will not honor the warranty on open box purchases from newegg.
Thanks to all interested parties.
Condition: In brand new condition guaranteed.  Purchased from earphonesolution about 2 weeks ago.  Comes with all accessories pictured, just like retail. The ONLY ear tips used were one pair of the yellow foam tips which will not be included in the shipment. All others are completely untouched.   Will provide the official invoice with the shipment to use for warranty.   FREE Shipping VIA/ USPS or FedEx with insurance and tracking WORLDWIDE   PayPal only.  Asking...
Hey fellas,   I was just wondering if anybody knows about an M-100 discount?  Last deal I got was the sweet VTHEPEOPLE deal that took $44 dollars off...would hate to spend $300 considering how much I got my last pair for.   Thanks
 Why is it still $300?  You said you'd drop them to $50.
So, you went all the way, huh?
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