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It's nothing new. FAD was always about making OEM / "reasonably priced" earphones and also the most expensive earphones on the market at the same time. The Heaven series coexisted with the Piano Fortes for years. We're talking about ~$300 IEMs alongside ~$3000 IEMs. Two different lines. Two different consumers. The LAB series is supposed to be the pinnacle of Final. The LAB I was the "ultimate expression" of their more reasonable balanced armature lineup. Now the LAB II...
"Descended" does not mean "exactly the same."The Liquid Gold is a large, powerful amp that is mean for driving power hungry planar magnetics and can even drive speakers with the right connectors.The Spark is a portable amp. It won't sound as good as the flagship, but from hearing prototypes it comes surprisingly close [for a small, portable amp]. "Descended from" means it shares some of the LAu's character, albeit in a device meant for different applications.
Those surprised at the price must be new to the world of Final. Final always has to have the most expensive earphones in the world by a wide margin---it's their 'thing'---so when you have Shure releasing 3k USD earphones, well....
I was told by reps that the LAB II was slated for a late October release.
This is so cool: http://youtu.be/aZkT-e6EIw8 Tho I kinda cringed at the very end haha.
It's really cool to see this little amp nearing completion. Also WOW, I would have never imagined it'd look so stellar. Awesome job, Alex and co. PS. If anyone doesn't like the name "Liquid Spark", you have me to blame. Personally I thought it was clever, but then I'm kind of a dork.
Final has been around since the 70s, producing audio equipment like amplifiers and turntables. They decided to start selling earphones under the name Final Audio Design in 2009. With some internal changes and the passing of Takai-san (R.I.P.), the company decided to return to the original name, simply 'Final.' Technically their namebrand shouldn't be capitalized (it's just final, all lowercase), but my inner grammarian prevents me from doing this often times!
It has been a long while since I've visited this thread, or any on head-fi for that matter, but life has kept me busy for most of this year and last. It's nice to see new products from Final; eager to try the new F range and the upcoming LAB II. I still have not completely abandoned my project of cataloging and writing about all Final products since their 'rebirth' as FAD and subsequent 're-rebirth' as Final. The company's history is one of those things to which I'm...
 ALSO THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND WORDS EVERYONE. They mean a lot to me, really. And thank you for all the other lists that were posted. I like seeing others' picks too!!
My 50 Favorites Things About 2015 In Music       50  Lupe Fiasco  -  Tetsuo and Youth   49  Helm  -  Olympic Mess   48  Windhand  -  Grief's Infernal Flower   47  Natural Snow Buildings  -  Terror's Horns   46  Ghost BC  -  Meliora   45  Freddie Gibbs  -  Shadow of a Doubt   44  Lower Dens  -  Escape From Evil   43  No Joy  -  More Faithful \   42  Carter Tutti Void  -  f (x)   41  Kolsch  -  1983       40  Blank...
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