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I've got a FitEar Fitear coming my way soon.
 The LAB1 is really, really good IMO. One of my top three universals right now along with the K10u and SE846.
  It would be nice if they did sound great, as they're quite pretty. I'm just skeptical because I've seen an unusually high number of them for sale given how few they've [presumably] sold relative to other manufacturers out there. Also the measurements from Tyll and Golden Ears look kinda iffy. However measurements are only part of the story, so one day I will hear them for myself [hopefully].
  I've seen a ton of these for sale on various forums (including head-fi). Most of the people saying really nice things about them are the ones selling, too. Kind of makes me weary. Though for all I know they could sound awesome. The limited edition carbon version looks really cool especially.
Personally not a fan of the Vmoda M100, but I'm incredibly picky when it comes to bass articulation these days since I listen to a lot of electronica.   As for being seen with the NAD Viso HP50 in public, well....     Found that courtesy of a Google search.   It's a bit more expensive than the other recommendations, but I also think pretty highly of the Shure SRH1540. Got them for a friend, and she loves them. It's bass performance is quite good, and I think it...
Personally this is what I'd get, no question....       --------------------------------   Open: AKG K7XX (..???) Sony MA900 (200 USD or less)   I love the sound of the Sony MA900: airy but just "right." Not too bright, but not too relaxed. The build is surprisingly robust even if it doesn't feel like it, and they basically disappear on your head. The AKG can be found as part of a group buy, and the price varies accordingly, but it's a crazy deal for what you can...
  In my humble opinion it's the best looking FAD since the FI-BA-SS.
I've used James444's mod with great results. It makes the FX850 sound better balanced to me.
  The matte black is available from importers, I just asked earlier today with PriceJapan. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd think it's limited in terms of not having as many made as the polished silver version. The gold version of the PFX was like this for a long time.
 I have both, yeah. Personally I'd take the K10 over the FX850 if I had to choose one. But that's just me. The [modded] FX850 is one of the best performing dynamics I've heard and has that dynamic charm that is thrilling. The K10 has incredible control and the smoothest transition through the frequency range I've heard in an IEM. For me personally, the K10 just has a "do everything right" kind of staying power whereas the FX850 is more of a...
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