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ah didnt see the end of your sentence. however i feel like the mtp gold block out noise better than most anc headphones
  since you cant wear in ears the bose qc15 have the best anc however theyre fairly expensive, another alternative would be to look at audio technicas noise cancelling line. the ath-anc7b are much cheaper, have better sound quality, but the noise cancellation is not as good as the bose. no idea of the monster inspirations with anc as it seems not a lot of people have been putting reviews up yet     monster has a couple of good headphones like the turbines. even though...
could anyone tell me what the two headphones are in this video?
I did, did i interpret it wrong or what did i miss?  
How come you recommended soulja boy to someone who likes tribe?  
Kanye West- My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Mos Def- Black on Both Sides
if anyone is thinking of getting fanny wang headphones they are on a site called on sale from 170 to 120
really liking mos def right now
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