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I have not had any problems at all while running with my nano. Ran with it close to 2 hours last week. Just make sure it does not get marinated in sweat if you carry it in a pocket.
I highly recommend a bit harder rock/metal: Black Label Society, Disturbed, High On Fire and Testament Softer stuff, still rock: Nine Days, Paradise Lost and i throw in Social Distortion, for good measure quite a mix there, but hey you might like some of it!
About 250 CDs, 150 burned CDs, 40 MDs, 100 vinyls, some tapes and 1300 digital tracks. OT: Very interesting, this is the first time i have encountered a "how much music do you have-thread" where people count their digital music collection. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it just shows how much the times are changing in a "digital" direction.
"spin doctors - two princes" with "4 non blondes - what's up" as a close second.
"Motörhead - Inferno" coming out of my laptop through my philips hp-890s. The music ROCKS but the setup dont.
heh, ive played that game A LOT! try these others as well a few hours of entertainment there!
"its hard to make a comeback if you havent been anywhere" "anything to stupid to be said, is sung" "If the facts dont fit the theory, change the facts" and my favourite: God made pot man made beer who do you trust? another one along those lines (mods, feel free to remove if disturbing ) "Why drink and drive, when you can smoke and fly"
I dont know, but i figured that shows recorded recently might be illegal (ok they are, according to the tickets "no cameras, recording devices or cameras"). But some bands including metallica used to allow "tapersections" where fans could record the concerts legally. I think some bands still have that. As i said in a previous post, if a concert is broadcasted on radio, it cant be illegal to record it and share with others. Because if the band allows the show to be...
Quote: Originally Posted by Snake Regretfully that's illegal also; almost all artists / bands prohibit recording of their live performances as per the legal terms of the ticket you purchased. Only the Dead allowed legal recordings of their shows. nowadays thats true! but for exemple there are older shows that were taped from the radio and some shows taped by a person in the audience with the permission of the band. AND bootlegs are sometimes...
Quote: Originally Posted by Snake ...That the RIAA, FCC and others are researching, and keeping track of, your downloads via your IP address and may come after you at some point in...
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