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Someone here suggested these tips:   I've been using them for a week now, and I like them better than the stock silicon.. very nice.   Thanks!
Just an update on the built quality.. I am not sure if I got lucky or not, but mine have held up very nicely with over a year of daily usage and tons of cycling.
The SM64 look sweet, but I don't know if the price difference will be justified.. I guess we will have to wait for some reviews. And at 98 ohms it seems like you pretty much need an amp, which isn't the case with the v2.
I think its been almost a year now since I got mine..I am very happy with my purchase. I've been working out and cycling with them a lot, and they are still holding up fine. I haven't changed the cables yet, but I still want to that... Kurdt-bada  here recommended these:   So I still plan on getting them..   Shure Olive or the yellow foam tips give me the...
Thanks for the feedback!    I looked online for "texas cable" for westone, or earsonic, but nothing.. can you share a link to where one can purchase it ? 
Someone recommended this cable while back in the thread... i don't know if the op was happy with the performance. I've been debating if I should get it..       The Twag V2. look great. What is the best place to order from if I decide to go crazy ? :) 
What is the impedance on these ? I can't find an actual number anywhere.. 
^indeed they are.. I am totally addicted to them :)    Give a try to the shure olive as well.. they work for me quite well.        That is an interesting set up.. I might give it a go, even tho I am very happy with medium olives or the stock biflanges. 
Congrats on your new phone! I just got one myself, and I am impressed by the sound.. it has a built in Dolby Headphone software, and it makes my SM3v2 sound amazing :) Very happy with this set up. I also recommend the JVC hafx1x, great headphone for the money.. are the JVC HAFX101 pretty much the same ?       
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