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For me it won't work unless: (i) I use the turtle beach driver instead of the generic USB audio driver built in to Windows, AND (ii) Resample to 48 kHz within Foobar
Quote: Originally Posted by hotsoda The Emotiva looks like it's a nice solution, so I might end up purchasing that. It looks like it has a fan inside, which is my only real fear (if it gets hot / how much sound the fan makes). I don't personally own a BPA-1 (though I would like to pick one up at some point) so can't give you first-hand account of the fan noise. However, from the several forum reports I have come across, seems like fan noise is...
There is also the Emotiva BPA-1 for $129 shipped, if it does not have to be a digital amp: Emotiva Audio Products :: BPA-1 Audio Power Amplifier
Slightly different path if you have the space: Amp: Sonic Impact T-Amp Gen 2: $59.99 + shipping: Parts Express:Sonic Impact 5065 Gen 2 T-Amp with Power Supply or Emotiva BPA-1: $125 shipped Emotiva Audio Products :: BPA-1 Audio Power Amplifier plus speakers: Athena AS-B1.2s: $99.95 + shipping Athena - Audition B1.2 Speakers - Black - Pair-Audio Advisor or Athena AS-B2.2s: $149 + shipping STO Sound & Vision AV123 X-LSs: $199/$219 + shipping or Energy C-100s: $219 +...
Quote: Originally Posted by xenithon Is it simply the same as the ALC888 but with Dolby Digital Live and DTS Connect added? Based on the datasheet here: It would seem like the hardware is the same, and the DD and DTS are software based functions that are added on.
Quote: Originally Posted by bungle Using XP generic driver and Foobar I can't get KS working with my TBAAM. I have tried resampling to 48 kHz (with Resampler DSP). I don't get errors but it never plays - I push play and the visualization graph blips but then stops. Setting the output data format to 32 bit gives "Unrecoverable playback error: KS output error: error opening device" as an error. Anyone have this combo working? I'm using...
The T-amp only has analog input, so don't worry about optical/digital output on the AV710.
I remember otherwise -- if you flash with Prodigy firwmare you will lose all analog channels.
Quote: Originally Posted by Funky_Junk I just recieved my Chaintech AV710 in the mail yesterday, and Im trying to get the most out of it that I can. I've heard that its relatively easy to flash the card to act as an Audiotrak Prodigy. I've looked around here and the internet and I have not be able to find any guide on how to do this? Could anyone point me to a somewhat detailed guide on how to flash the card. Thanks. There are some instructions...
Quote: Originally Posted by nichifanlema Sunix UTA2051 5.1channel USB interface soundcard... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16829104001 any ideas? Detailed specs here: http://www.sunix.com.tw/en/Promotion-1.php?sid=290 Looks like it's resampled to 48 Khz .
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