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Looks real to me, and i've had two pairs of M50s, the feedback is pretty good as well. Should you receive a fake you would know immediately as they are very different from the real ones (just do a quick google search) and sound terrible. Ebay will also cover your loss if it's fake.
Just get a ODAC and be done with it, very few DACs are objectively better than it.
No point in trying to impress someone with a pair of headphones or anything the general public possess. Things like good computers, cars, watches, headphones, flashlights just do not immediately make any sort of impressions since almost everyone has one of those and the difference between the high end enthusiast versions and the entry level offerings are often ignored. If you want a hobby that impresses perhaps it's time to try something else instead, like flying. Audio is...
DAC outputs are almost always line level, it's strange that Audioengine engineers designed a variable RCA output. In that case you should keep the RCA out as close to line level as possible, which could be anywhere from 50% to 90% volume. I'm guessing a 70% volume should be enough.
Don't worry. Daisychaining is only a problem for multiple very powerful speaker amps that are connected in a row at close to full volume, for example a pre-amp to another tube pre-amp to a power amp etc. And even then you are more likely to get distortion and lots of heat rather than it blowing up. With headphone amps there is no risk in damaging anything.   I'm not familiar with the the D1's topography but the RCA outputs in most DACs are 2V redbook straight from the...
You can plug your headphones straight into any DAC with the standard redbook 2V RMS output and it wouldn't blow it up. Many higher output headphone amps are designed to out 15V or more voltage swing. BUT, it is a line out so it's designed to put the 2V RMS into a 5K ohm input which removes most of the bass and midrange from the sound, since the HD650s are only 300ohm.    So yes, it wouldn't blow it up but you'll hear only around 10% or less of the DAC's potential and...
And it's mine!
 I saw that but was hoping to get an exemption by paying extra. There are usually only 2 types of sellers who post to CONUS only, one that is that is worried about extra shipping fees and lost packages and the other that can't spare time to go to a post office to fill out paperwork. I'm hoping it's the first.
I'll take it, PM sent.
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