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Sylvania metal base labelled as Mullard
UK price is £1495
The power supply is a switching 15v 4A one
I agree with your comments about creamy smoothness even more so on the Tube+ setting,so far very impressed
Have you tried any of the bass or 3D settings?
Why does the remote not provide continuous increase or decrease to volume when you keep your finger on it?
Probably not,I should add I'm using the Tube+ mode
Sounds good out of the box with a simple non balanced set up to start as a baseline (iUSB 3.0,iDSD,itube,iCan Pro to Grado PS-1) with gain set to 0,X-Bass set to 10hz and 3D off. It is very quiet,no noise at all with volume at max and no input.The external power supply is silent.The remote is cheap looking but functional, it only operates the volume, it only increases or decreases the volume slightly on each press so to make bigger changes you need to keep pressing and...
New Posts  All Forums: