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That really helps! Thanks a lot for your advise. 
So anyone tried th-x00 with modi2u/magni2u stack?
Can you describe the difference you heared between these 2 sets?
Thanks a lot, can't wait for your comments =)
Anyone tried th-x00 with some cheap ak4490 dacs like dacport slim or hd, is it much worse than m9xx synergy?
Anyone tried dacport hd with fostex x massdrop th-x00 headphones? Can you post dope comments on synergy?
Hi, moedawg140   I saw you also posted th-x00 review, can you be so kind to comment on comparison of these headphones with dacport slim and with grace m9xx. I really don't wish to spend 5 times more money for grace, but as I understand m9xx output resistance is 0.08ohm and dacport slim have 1ohm which make it worse synergy with th-x00.. But is it really much worse details/noise/soundstage? Really need your suggestion. Thanks in advance.
Can someone confirm that new iPod Touch 4G with 4.1 OS version cannot connect usb dac with camera kit?
pls explain where you get this info?
Can someone try to connect new iPod Touch 4G with OS4.1 and camera kit and try usb dac??? maybe it will work now??
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