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Can someone confirm that new iPod Touch 4G with 4.1 OS version cannot connect usb dac with camera kit?
pls explain where you get this info?
Can someone try to connect new iPod Touch 4G with OS4.1 and camera kit and try usb dac??? maybe it will work now??
Can someone try to connect camera kit to new iPod Touch with OS4.1 ???? maybe new release support usb dac connection?
already order ety's and clip+ 8gb, hope it will not dissapoint me, anyway it must be nice upgrade from ipod+er-6i, i really hope so.. and thank you for your comments. now i also thinking about order headstage arrow amp which can add impendanse to ety's without p/s converter and they will sound even better. and im thinking to buy one more headphones, but.. dont decide which one.. i am not a basshead, thats for sure. but wish to have lil bit more powerfull sound also. not...
hi, folks! long time i just reading head-fi and not join to discussion, but now the time is come.   Since my Ipod video dead i tried to listen music through my HTC desire, sound was really bad, but when my "crazy-fun" westie ate my Ety er-6i i decide to find any new source (any exept ipod this time) with new phones. The problem is that i have to go to work on the subway whole next year, so the best noise isolating phones are strongly required for me. I remember a...
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