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 That, my friend, is the Orpheus.    I wonder if that set's been used at all? The pads look completely new.
There are two available from (here and here), with the latter including the HEV90, apparently.   Oh, and this one on Head-Fi from DavidMahler (here)   cheers, J.
Still available!
Hi, I'm putting up my well-used DACport up for sale. It's been with me for around three years, and is in good condition. It comes with everything in the pictures (excluding the microfiber cloth). The volume pot is smooth, and aside from the pictured nicks (and one scratch), it is in great shape!   I haven't used this item at all since getting my M8, so I'd love to see it put to good use by some other up-and-coming Head-Fier. Plus I want to use this to fund an incoming...
Nice list! I'm starting to look into higher-end closed cans, so this is pretty cool.   I think the AKG K812 is open back though? Plus ATH-W5000 prices are way lower nowadays, and the older models of Edition 8s can be had for far less 1700 NIB. 
Hi, this is basically an IC of sorts for my #219XX serial HD800s. Kept in a pet and smoke free environment, the headphones have some slight signs of wear (small bits of grey paint has scuffed on the edges), and I'd rate the overall condition a 7.5/10 (conservatively on the Audiogon scale). Probably used for a total of 200 or so hours. Comes with original box, manuals, original cable, and a custom ZYCable from this site's user Guido (FS here). The cable is terminated in a...
 Ah thanks! It seems that Venturecraft itself is not directly selling it from Amazon US, so I dunno if I'd take the plunge. :S
Yes, and it's surprisingly nuanced as well, unless you have very specific volume needs like I do. It doesn't have quite the bass control of the reference desktop chains, nor the excruciating detail, but it's very enjoyable!  ExpatinJapan - where would I find a link to get a Venturecraft USB LOD? (30-pin, mind you) I can't seem to find it anywhere on VCraft's somewhat confusing website. Thanks
 I do have some very specific volume needs (around 40dB hearing inefficiency in both ears) so I'm willing to bet that the output I'm getting from my M8 would satisfy 98% 99.99% of the population. Quick informal test Rostropovich's Dvorak Cello Concerto w/ Karajan and Berlin Phil (1995) - great great recording btw!at the 1 minute mark, there's first 'tutti' theme, score marks around 'fff' or so,  I used an Android app for SPL purposes so this is by no means...
You could try some of the non-permanent sticky stuff for those Commando 3M wall hooks. I've some extra pads and I think they have about the same sticky-ness.
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