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Reading about these now, thank you.
I should have specified that. A headphone jack on a computer with onboard amplification. Hence I'm looking for a headphone which doesn't require 'external' amplification.
I justify my choice of price range because they will be used sparingly, because I'm a loudspeaker person; but I would like a pair of headphones to discretely use at home when the situation calls for it. I prefer neutrality and soundstage because my preferred genre is classical.   My criteria: 1. About $200 or less 2. Circumaural 3. Neutral 4. Doesn't require dedicated amplification 5. If there happens to be something with a relatively great soundstage that sacrifices a...
EDIT: I will move this to the Recommendations section. My apologies.
Seems to me a natural consequence of the specialized DAP being a niche market. I'm almost certain that some day I'll swap my DAP for a smartphone, even though I'm not fond of those at all; I'll end up just adapting to the context.
Well, the DAP market sure doesn't seem promising. So my only choice is, I think, to get a version Sandisk Clip (I will not suffer a Fuze+), while I look for a suitable smartphone (which appears to be difficult.)
 Thank you for your answer. I'm going for the VC02.
There's probably no such thing. Still, I'm getting a new DAP because so far, nothing I've used has completely satisfied me. I've been investigating for a while and want to finish my decision with some input from this forum. I want: · FM Radio. · Good UI: This means no bugs, correct metadata display and sorting, and so on. (Unfortunately, I'm guessing this rules out all boutique audiophile DAPs, unless Rockboxed) · 1 Ohm output. · Noise-free playback. (Understandably,...
Quick question: For well-recorded classical music, which of these VSonic earphones would present a 'closer to live' sound: The VC02, the VSD1 or the VSD1S?
Hey Joker, off the top of your head, which headphones excel at classical, around $100 or so Probably going to get a pair exclusively for that, hoping not to spend much
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