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Open to reasonable offers
Ok I have opened it and used it for a few minutes 
What amp do you use for your PS1000 - I could not get them sound right - very thumpy in bass and un-natural sound-stage (too big) ... it is like looking into a recording or musical venue with a microscope or a binocular ... I tried them with Traformatic  Head one (Single ended) and Hifiman HA-5 (Hybrid)   That being said - what is a good amp for HE-500
Why sell LCD3? I had LCD2s and would have liked what LCD3 might have offered but was not ready to pay the price diff 
Get a used HE500 ... so much better than all the mid-tier phones ...
You want to make sure that you have amp and source to do justice to your phones ...
What a task David ... Congratulations! You have done great service to the head-fiers ... I could not even dream of undertaking such a task ...   Need a little help ... As of a few years ago ... re-cabled 701 used to be my favorite pair ... except they were uncomfortable on my head and I desired more bass out of them. I went through most of Grados - all the way up the ladder ... found them too colored for my taste ... Senn 600/650 with fancy cords ... Nah (too...
Purchased from amazon direct during Black Friday - I am having buyers remorse - I do not really need it ... I can return it for full refund or pass the great deal to someone Sell for $929 These go for $1399 full retail Local pickup from nj is fine ... Shipping and Paypal would be extra ... Thanks Sunil
I just ordered a T1. Now I need an amp. Does anyone have an experience with T1 powered by Bryston BHA1 ? Also need suggestions for balanced cabled to go with them It does not end there - does it Thanks Sunil
How do I connect it to an iPod or another portable device ... Not a laptop... Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Sunil,
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