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  Looking to sell my pair of T50P to fund the purchase of a new guitar. They show the standard rub marks on the cups due to the way they are shipped (see photos) but are otherwise like new. Please see the pictures for proof of this. I've used these for around 30-40 hours on the way to and from work. I stopped using them after I was able to find a set of IEMs that actually fit me as they were easier to carry around with me.   The headphones will be shipped in...
Looking to sell my pair of W1000X to fund the purchase of a new guitar. They are in as new condition with no scuffs or scratches that I know of. Please see the pictures for proof of this. I have even kept the plastic tear offs on the side. I've only used these for about 10-15 hours in the 14 months since I purchased them new. The reason for this is that I set up my rig for the bass light K701s and the W1000Xs did not suit the rest of my rig and the types of music I...
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I believe I can hear a difference with my rigs, so tend to rip as flac for the home setup and then convert to 320k mp3 for my pmp. It can play flacs, but I have found I prefer to squeeze more songs onto the limited memory.
I've never tried the HiFiMAN player, but I do have the J3 / B2 combination and am very satisfied with the setup. I chose the J3 over the Hifiman due to the smaller dimensions and the much longer battery life and I certainly do not regret the decision. I would guess that for pure sound quality the HM-601 would have the upper hand, but shouldn't really be the only thing to consider imo.
Darn it. I should stop reading reviews for things I can't currently afford. :P Might have to scour the local hi-fi stores for trial units and see if any pop up on the second hand market. Would love to A/B them vs my K701s to see what the extra price premium buys.
Oh, I saw that post too. I wasn't worried so much about availability to purchase, more about the ability to try before buying. Being a limited run I don't fancy finding them anywhere locally. It is an unfortunate fact that I don't have the spare cash to take a gamble on them.   Very much looking forward to this as I am also a W1000X owner. Hopefully the W3000s end up in your hands sooner rather than later!
It's probably a bit late now, but I'd like to put my name down for a trial if a Euro trial is ever arranged. I have an iBasso D10 to compare it against.   I currently reside in Munich, Germany.
The new amps are looking good on paper!   It looks like I have a good excuse to make the shortish train ride to the showroom early next year and try everything out for myself :)
I am far from an expert in portable amplification, but perhaps adding amplification could help you achieve a more favourable sound signature from the earphones that you already enjoy. Assuming that the sound you want isn't too far away from what you are getting from your current earphones that is. Of course the phones themselves will ultimately be the limiting factor, but it could be an easier road than trying to find another set of earphones that tick all the boxes you...
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