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^Great info, thanks!
Hey, thanks for the reply!   Yeah; that was one of the things I was looking at. (Did a search around the forums first.) Though, it's quite pricey at around $25 on Amazon vs. the one by FiiO (L11) at around ($10 with shipping) and a company I never heard of for around $8 with microUSB.   I'm guessing the price difference is because of quality? Still wondering if the addition of a miniUSB/microUSB will change sound quality though.
Hi guys.   I was looking to purchase a LOD with a miniUSB or a microUSB along with the 3.5mm jack so I can charge it at the same time. Though, it crossed my mind that it might degrade the audio quality. Will it? I'm not very technical with this stuff, so please forgive me if this sounds extra stupid.
thanks for the reply! i deleted the log file, and didn't have the cue sheet created unfortunately. Any other way to know?
Am i in the wrong section of the forums?
Hi guys   I ripped a CD about a month ago using EAC, and I don't remember whether or not I detected gaps or not. I don't want to spend another hour re-ripping the CD, but am not sure if I let EAC detect gap. It would be nice to see information on the file for the gap times, so I can verify. The track was extracted with LAME 3.98. Is this possible? Thanks
Thanks for the reply everyone.   I have, but they seem to cost so much. That really isn't the biggest problem. I just thought they were rather thin. I am tempted to buy the Enyo cable though. They look great, and has Viablue plug.
Does the UE replacement cables for custom IEMs fit on the TF10?
so...anyone? I am really newb at this, and have no idea what to get except the things in the first post.
Thanks so much for the guide momomo6789! Also, since he is here, I would like to thank violinvirtuoso especially, since he's been helping me out since the very first thread.   If I want to incorporate a microphone, what should I do? Also, I was looking at the Mogami cables, and there were a lot of different ones. I'm quite lost on which ones I need.
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