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I have the closed A700s and I believe they are great, I'd go with those it I were you.
M50S not M50, you don't want to deal with a coiled cable, as it generates noise when it hits anything and a straight cable is all around better anyways.
Quote that from my mom, I posted on Facebook something like "These puppies are huge" and she said "Yeah they are about the size of puppies glued to your ears" hahahaha.
  Ok. I would have to say first that my favorite thing about them is the cord. It is cloth covered so that is the cord scrapes up against your desk etc. there is no noise transmitted through to your headphones. Another nice thing is the comfort. they are enormous headphones, but they are the most comfortable ones I've ever tried on. The mechanism that hold them on your head (they two wing-like things in the picture) is extremely comfortable. At first glance it doesn't...
Moderators are gonna have a field day with you. Get ready for a vacation.  
try Newegg?  
ohhhhh okay. I hear the M50s are comparable. If you get them, get the M50S and not the M50. Coiled cords are what nightmares are made of.
I'll say again that I really like my ATH-A700
I own the A700 and I thoroughly enjoy them so far (I've had then for about 2 weeks) But I'd get another set if I were you, or find some cheap Beyers maybe.
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