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(putting on fireproof suit) OK let the flame war begin.
I'd go ATH M50S if I were you. Make sure and get the straight cable version though.
All hail the grammar nazi!   HEIL GRAMMATIK   Just kidding, I saw that too.
Probably, they are a lot smaller than A700's.
I can say from experience that I am extremely satisfied with my ATH-A700. They are only $120 USD but sound much more expensive. Let me know if you are interested and would like a more extensive review.
+1 on quote of the day
You get 1000 karma points. Good job.
Thats the thing....before you know it you'll be ordering the Tesla T-1...poor wallet.
My ATH-A700 closed headphones work great straight out of my iPod, they are about $120 USD on Amazon.com
With a budget like that you are soon to become one!
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