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Soundstage I'd imagine. And detail.
Well, all things considered, including cost, the E3 is 8 bucks max. What does that say? probably not very high quality components. My homemade Cmoys use the top of the line components and end up costing about 25 bucks. that being said, I believe the E5 is probably a better amp.
the open (AD700) has much more noise leak than the closed. (A700) they both have good, accurate, deep bass. It isn't pounding or thumping bass, it is accurate bass.
You got a little out of and there. One bump is annoying, and two in a row is unacceptable. All in the wee hours of the morning, unheard of.
  Oh hahaha I didn't even realize that you were the OP on both posts. I was just like "Wow, this question sounds familiar" Sorry Are you in the USA? I said USPS as in the United States Postal Service not UPS And it comes in pretty rugged plastic packaging, I'd be surprised if they could hurt it in the mail.
I recommend the Fiio E7. It's a hi-fi USB DAC and a portable headphone amp with more than 80 hours of battery life before it needs recharging. It has gotten good reviews and I personally love it. It runs $99 USD on and it shipped extremely fast, I got it in about 3 days on standard USPS shipping.
It's both a USB DAC and an amp, and it has 80 hours of batter life. thats's why I personally like it. It also incorporates high quality chipsets.
I personally like the Fiio E7, its very clean and functions very well.
Hmmm, I have the A700 and I do not believe they sound much different from the AD700. The difference is negotiable. For your purpose, one of there two would suit you well.Your call on which one.
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